The History

A proud history

In 1931 a number of countries had set up their Chambers of Commerce in Shanghai. On the 22 of April 1931 at the E.A.C. office, 12 Danish businessmen representing the same number of companies gathered together.

Vice-Consul Alexis Moerch chaired the meeting in the absence of the Consul-General and the Danish Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai was founded.

The following were present at the first general meeting:

Names and companies:
J. J. Bahnson Great Northern Telegraph Company
S. Frederiksen E.A.C.
M. I. Justesen Anglo-Danish Shipping Company
I. Behrens Shanghai Milk Supply Company
T. Moller F. L. Smidth
Edward Trock Larsen & Trock
S. J. F. Jensen Jensen’s Chemical Laboratories
Carl Johan Knipschildt C. J. Knipschildt
Arne Eskelund A. H. Eskelund & Co.
Aage Corrit A. Corrit
Erik Crone E. Crone
Constant A. Krogh C. A. Krogh

At the meeting the participants passed the bylaws that had been drawn up, which stated that the special aim of the chamber of commerce was to promote and protect Danish commercial, industrial and shipping interests in Shanghai and to communicate in this regard with the authorities and others.

The first board thereafter formed consisted of Mr. Knipschildt (Chairman), Mr. Bahnson, Mr. Frederiksen, Mr. Corrit and Trock.

The Chamber thereafter experienced a well known break in its existence but was restarted as the Danish Business Association in 1997 in Shanghai and later changed to become the now well known Danish Chamber of Commerce in China in Shanghai in 2000 – returning to the roots from 1931. At least as to the name of the Chamber of Commerce.

We carry a proud past and aim at a successful future.