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The China IPR SME Helpdesk provides European Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) with free, confidential, business-focused advice relating to China IPR. A project funded by the European Union.



Danish Export Association (DEA)

Danish Export Association is a private, Danish nationwide organization that currently consists of approximately 500 member companies, ranging from small newcomers to big industrial locomotives. DEA Shanghai office offers consulting service to the members, and focuses on two industry groups – Danish Marine Group China and Danish Wind Energy Group China, with 50 members individually. The two active networks serve as a local forum where business and experiences within the marine and wind energy sector in the Chinese market are shared.

DABGO- Danes Abroad Business Group Online

DABGO (short for “Danes Abroad Business Group Online”) was launched in October 2006 and has grown rapidly since. Globally the network has over 8.500 members with almost 400 members in China.

The DABGO network builds on a grass root strategy where there is no cost in participating, thereby increasing the network’s reach. By utilizing such social media platform as Linkedin, Facebook and Ning, there is no geographical limitation, and there is no formal administration. All activities are implemented locally by over 100 volunteering members, making it highly efficient to accommodate local culture.

Join DABGO on Linkedin “DABGO Kina” and visit for information about events, jobs, workplaces, forum, blogs and more.

Consulate General of Denmark – Shanghai

The Consulate General serves both businesses and citizens.


The consulate’s branch of Trade Council of Denmark in China assists Danish companies with export promotion, counselling and professional guidance.

Main areas are:

Architecture, Engineering & Construction

Energy & Environment

Food, Agriculture & Fisheries

Furniture, Design & Retail


IT, Telecommunication & Electronics

Metal & Machinery


The Consulate General is a service center for Danes living in the Shanghai region. It handles applications for Danish passports, International driver’s licenses, etc. The Consulate General may also provide assistance in emergency situations.


The Danish Foreign Ministry manage the “Danskerlisten”. The purpose of the list of Danes Abroad is to enable the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs to contact you if an acute crisis situation arises abroad. For technical reasons a new list of Danes was introduced on December 14th 2011. Since it is not possible to transfer your data from the old list to the new you are required to re-register if you want to appear on the List of Danes Abroad.

You can register via the homepage of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, or by the direct link,


The Consulate General handles visa applications for Chinese citizens who wish to travel to Denmark as tourists, to study or to work. Each year more than 5.000 applications are processed.


Phone: +86 (21) 80250600

Fax: +86 (21) 62090878

Visa enquiries: