Newsletter April 2022

Boards Corner

Dear DCCC members, partners and friends,

April has been a challenging time for many, including our members, friends, and families around the country. As you well know, we have seen closures and restrictions affecting us both on a personal as well as professional level.

In light of this I hope that we all, and especially our members and their loved ones, have taken this past May break as an opportunity to take a step back from our everyday routines, appreciate time with our families and loved ones, and gear up for what hopefully should be a return to somewhat normal circumstances (I hope this ages well.)

The following may be a relatively optimistic take given the bigger picture, and I think that those of you who know me would not exactly brand me as a ‘glass half full’ kind of guy; that being said, I’ll put this out there and hope the universe runs with it:

After both the 2008/9 and 2020 crisis’ (and in part 2003) we have seen the ability of the domestic economy to bounce back, and even exceed prior expectations. What this gives me, is hope, hope that Q3 and Q4 can bounce back and even surpass prior expectations (again, I hope this likewise ages well.)

This also hopefully means, that we can aim to return to our daily routines and lifestyles in a more V shaped fashion. There are of course no guarantees, but if we aim to learn from the past, this might be a reasonable conclusion. Hopefully.

This is also a time where, both as a chamber and as individuals, we must remember to do what we can to help each other and show support in our local communities. This is somewhat of a core value at the heart of Danish culture, so I would encourage all our members and friends to carry this with us and share it with others.

Though April saw several challenges across the board, our team has still been working hard on creating a number of Webinars and digital events. From topics like solving cross border IP problems, manufacturing in China to minding our mental health, and several other interesting and useful topics, I really applaud the team in their efforts in planning and executing this.

As we stand together, unified as an all-China chamber, we are of course here to serve our members. With this in mind, we wish everyone the best for the future, and as usual encourage all of our members, partners, families and loved ones to reach out if there ever is anything the chamber can do for you.

Stefano Censi
DCCC Main Board Treasurer
DCCC North Board Treasurer

Updates from Danish Mission in China

Consulate General Shanghai

Shanghai er fortsat under nedlukning.

Generalkonsulatet opfordrer alle danskere, der opholder sig i Shanghai, til at registrere sig på Udenrigsministeriets danskerliste. Tilmelding via app’en Rejseklar (downloades fra App Store) eller fra Udenrigsministeriets hjemmeside: Danskerlisten

Danskere, der ønsker at forlade Shanghai med internationale fly, anbefales at kontakte generalkonsulatet. Vi kan hjælpe med de fornødne tilladelser samt vejlede om tests, transport, mv.

Generalkonsulatet i Shanghai er midlertidigt lukket for fysisk adgang, men er åbent for henvendelser 24/7 på +86 (021) 8025 0600 og email

Trade Council
The Royal Danish Consulate General in Shanghai would like to make sure that your company is aware that we are fully operational and can be reached if you need our support and assistance.

COVID-19 and the lock-down in many areas in China continues to affect Danish companies’ opportunities to operate fully in the market but our advisers and personnel are here to help and support.

Our innovation, invest and commercial officers in China can be reached at the Embassy in Beijing and at the Consulates General in Guangzhou and here in Shanghai.

Innovation Centre Denmark, Shanghai
Launch of SDG Landing Pad
The SDG Landing Pad is a premium program for Danish companies with solutions which addresses some of the most pressing global issues and accelerate progress towards solving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Participating companies can expect a tailor-made program which offers a range of opportunities.

World Maritime Technology Conference 2022
Ranked as one of the most important conferences in the field of maritime technology globally, ICDK Shanghai partnered up with Shanghai Society of Naval Architects & Marine Engineers on a China Convention in Ship Building Industry.

Online Mini Concert
ICDK Shanghai invited Chinese-Danish alumni and the broader Danish community to take part in an online mini concert. Three musicians from the Royal Danish Academy of Music gave the audience a glimpse into their instruments through a short performance.

Wind Turbine Recycling
ICDK released a new report to discover a gap between China and Denmark within the wind turbine blades recycling sector in order not only for knowledge exchange but also to creating the bridge to potential co-develop with China wind blades recycling process. Contact ICDK if you are interested in reading about the most relevant technology for wind turbines.

Beyond Buildings: Denmark and China for a more sustainable tomorrow
ICDK Shanghai is co-hosting the seminar which puts focus on sustainable buildings in Denmark and China. It aims to discuss how to create sustainable solutions in buildings and circular processes can contribute to a more circular economy. The event takes place on May 19.

Har du hentet Udenrigsministeriets ”Rejseklar”-app?
Der er god hjælp at hente i vores gratis app, Rejseklar, hvor vi har samlet alt, hvad du skal vide om udlandsophold, så det er nemt at finde og bruge.

Her er 5 ting, du skal vide om Rejseklar:
Du kan finde alle vores rejsevejledninger direkte i app’en.
Det er nemt at tilmelde sig Danskerlisten i app’en. Når du er tilmeldt, kan vi komme i kontakt med dig, hvis der opstår en større krise som f.eks. en naturkatastrofe, et terrorangreb eller politiske uroligheder.

Hvis der pludseligt opstår en krise i det land, du er i, kan vi sende dig en push-besked med vigtig information om, hvad du kan gøre.
App’en har kontaktoplysninger til nærmeste danske ambassade eller konsulat, uanset hvor i verden du befinder dig.
Du kan læse om, hvad du kan gøre, hvis du f.eks. bliver syg, udsat for røveri eller får problemer på rejsen.
Hvert år hjælper vi flere tusinde danskere, når uheldet er ude. Med Rejseklar, kan vi bedre hjælpe dig.
Rejseklar findes til smartphones og kan hentes gratis i App Store til iPhone eller Google Play til Android.

Updates from Danes Worldwide
Next year’s School Level Danish at this year’s fee

The current academic year of the online language courses offered by Danes Worldwide is coming to an end. It is now time to look ahead and plan for the 2022-23 academic year. Here’s a great offer for our members: If you purchase next year’s program of School Levet Danish by 1 June, you pay this year’s fee.

We will adjust our fees at the start of the new academic year. School Level Danish will be DKK 8,250 (the fee right now is DKK 7,995). Grade 9 will be DKK 8,750 (the fee right now is DKK 8,495). As noted, this offer is valid until 1 June.

Purchase School Level Danish at the current fee here.