Business Person of the Year – BPOY

DCCC promotes, studies and enhances an exchange of information regarding commercial relations, investments and trade between Denmark and China. Every year since 2007 DCCC in Shanghai has hosted the “Business Person of the Year” award gala event to celebrate outstanding performances in the development of Danish business in China.

Many people show outstanding performances in the development of Danish business in China. These achievements often go relatively unnoticed over several years by the general community and typically performed by very dedicated, but also very modest individuals.

In 2007 the Danish Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai therefore instituted the “Business Person of the Year” award to celebrate these individuals with deserved attention. It was followed by a second award “Entrepreneur of the Year” in 2009.

Every year a nomination process will lead to a selection of a number of candidates for the two awards. The winners and the other finalists will be announced and celebrated at the awards ceremony.

At the award ceremony the winners receives with “Vilhelm Award Statuette”. The statuette is named “Vilhelm” after the famous and industrious Danish entrepreneur Vilhelm Meyer who lived and worked in Shanghai from 1990 to 1935.

Business Person of the Year Winners
Year Name Company
2021 Chrstine Zhou Novo Nordisk
2020 Morten Hostrup ISS
2019 Kjaeld Staerk Danfoss
2018 Humphrey Lau Grundfos
2017 John Markmann Grundfos
2016 Allan Sand SandFuture
2015 George Kahwati Ecco
2014 Jens Eskelund Maersk
2013 Peter N. Rasmussen Asia Base
2012 Steffen Schiotzz-Christensen NTS (A.P. Moller Group)
2011 John F. Christensen Prime Cargo, Wagas
2010 Hans Michael Jebsen Jebsen & Co.
2009 Morten Bay Jensen ECCO
2008 Zhen Jian Guo Former Chinese Ambassador to Denmark
2007 Allan Warburg Bestseller China
Entrepreneur of the Year Winners
Year Name Company
2021 Jamal Hajjaj Grand Sourcing (Xiamen) Co., Ltd
2020 Alexander Petersen Laiba Beverages
2019 Yingli Kier Wrist China
2018 Lotte Norgreen Vikinor
2017 Mikkel Hippe Bruun Tradeshift
2016 Steen Teisen Nordic Sound
2015 Nicolaj Schnoor LINDBERG
2014 Kasper Leschly D:Fuse
2013 Jens Purup Access-People
2012 Casper Tollerud Genuine China Tours
2011 Simon Lichtenberg Trayton Group
2010 Niels Krogsgaard Eskildsen China Soft
2009 Anne Charlotte Lembye Lukou
Young Professional of the Year Winners
Year Name Company
2021 Alexander Schandorff AYTM and Gran Living China
2019 Johan Tillers INDIVIDUALS
2018 Trine Roland Westgaard Wall Vision
2017 Kasper Elmholdt Pedersen Pelikan
2016 Sarah Chu ECCO
2016 Jonas Frank Marin Bencher
2016 Kasper Gelardi BSA Standing
Lifetime Achievement Award
2019 Jørgen Mads Clausen
2015 Carsten Boyer Thøgersen