Newsletter April 2020

Chairman’s Corner – Kim Scheibel

Dear Members and Friends of DCCC,

Spring have arrived and we are almost back to normal when it comes to moving around in Shanghai, now we just need to rest of the world to catch up with China, so we again can travel freely and safely around the world.

We managed to hold our AGM on 23rd April partly in person and partly on-line, thanks to all for taking your time, I hope we in the future will be able to meet in person as it is nicer, but in these days we accept whatever.

A new fantastic Board were elected, 13 members + Danish Consulate and YP Chairman, making it a 15 person strong Board, consisting of a very diversified mix of Young and Seasoned, Chinese and Danes, Female and Male. This is possibly one of the strongest teams elected for many years in DCCC Shanghai.

As new Chairman I look forward to work with everyone, it will be through cooperation and delegation, so do expect to hear from the whole team in the future and not “only” from the Chairman.

A huge thank you to the outgoing Chairman Poul Kristensen for a fantastic job done over the last 3 years, also thank you to Niels Roed, Maersk as outgoing Treasurer and Ole Esben Sørensen, Foss for your years of dedication to DCCC Board and finally to all the old Board members who thankfully have accepted to rerun.

The new DCCC Board or “Team”, as I would rather call it in my own mind are as follows:

Chairman:             Kim Scheibel, Hempel (China) Management Co., Ltd.
Vice Chairman:     Lotte Norgreen, Vikinor China
Treasurer:             Lars Nørregard, Maersk (China) Shipping Co., Ltd.
Board Secretary:  Ann Sophie Klessner de Meester, R&P China Lawyer
Member:               Poul G. Kristensen, Migatronic Welding Technology Co., Ltd
Member:               Christy Chen Moeller, ChinaBase Travel & Event
Member:               Niels Thomsen, Danish Crown
Member:               Jonas Frank, Martin Bencher Group
Member:               Lars Myrup, Stokke China
Member:               Yingli Kier, Wrist China
Member:               Andreas Lundqvist, Danfoss China
Member:               Simon Lichtenberg, Trayton Group
Member:               Susanne Klemp, Arla Foods
Representation:    Jacob Linulf, Consulate General Denmark, Shanghai or
Jeppe Solmer, Danish Consulate
Representation:    Lars Algayer , Representation from Young Professionals

1st substitute       Emil Hauch Jensen, MiR Robots
2nd substitute      Noam David Stern, Danish-Chinese Business Forum
3rd substitute       Bo Juan, Grundfos

Should you be travelling within China over the coming Labour day holidays then please remember to stay safe and that the following areas are not suggested to visit. The Corona risk is still high and will impact your colour of your “QR code”:

1, Chaoyang district of Beijing city;
2, Yuexiu and Baiyun district of Guangzhou city;
3, Shuncheng district of Fushun city, Liaoning province;
4, Jiaozhou city of Qingdao city, Shandong province;
5, Daowai, Nangang, Hulan, Daoli, Acheng district of Harbin city of Heilongjiang province;
6, Suifenhe city of Mutanjiang city, Heilongjiang province;
7, Hubei province.

During April we held many Webinar events:
1st – The Coronavirus— How to enhance resilience alongside your supply chain?
3rd – Leadership Development -from Potential to Value
16th – DCCC & DCBF: Be Ready for the Digitalization of B2B Invoices
21st – DCCC & DCBF: Covid-19 and its Impact on Consumer Behavior in China
23rd – DCCC & DCBF: Developing Effective Leadership Between China and Denmark
23rd – DCCC Shanghai Annual General Meeting 2020
24th – China Today: Navigating the Risks
24th – YP After-work Meet-up
28th – DCCC & DCBF: As Western Markets are Frozen, China is Warming up

Upcoming Webinars / events in May & June, please reserve the following dates:
May 5th – DCCC & DCBF: How will China Stimulate the Economy in Reaction to the Covid-19
May 13th – Joint Chamber Webinar: How can you get new clients on LinkedIn?
May 14th – DCCC & DCBF Webinars: How to attract and maintain staff
May 26th – DCCC & DCBF Webinars: IPR protection in China

June 13th – DCCC Summer BBQ (already showing to become a very popular event, so register soon to secure your participation)

We welcome our new member:
Corporate member: Wrist China

Remember to follow our activities on our homepage  as well through WeChat. You can also follow DCCC Beijing & DCC-SC, and if you decide to participate at theirs events, you will just pay the normal member fee.

Sincerely Yours,
On behalf of the DCCC Team
Kim Scheibel

Below is Poul Kristensen, final speech as outgoing Chairman of DCCC-EC

Dear Members, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome to our first ever Virtual AGM. As you know our original AGM date was scheduled to the 19th of March, but because of COVID-19 and the local regulations in Shanghai the Board decided to apply “Force Majeure” rules and postpone it to the 23rd of April and see if it was possible to gather physically. When we got the cancellation from the hotel for our meeting room reservation, then the Board decided to hold this Virtual AGM. Fortunately Hempel offers us the opportunity to use this meeting room so some of the candidates to the new board can be physically in the same place and hold the constituting Board meeting afterwards. Big thanks to Kim Scheibel who is one of our board members!

After the Chairman’s report, Niels Roed our Treasure will share with us the State of the Accounts.

As you probably have seen from the last emails send by Laura Li (the GM of DCC-EC) this year we have 17 candidates to the board (now 16, because one has already withdraw) and only 13 seats, that means we will have an election to decide who will join the new Board. As stated by the existing By-Laws every member of the existing Board that wants to continue, needs to participate in the election. The whole process will be described in details later on. Jeppe Solmer representing Innovation Center Denmark will be in charge of the voting process, counting with the help from our GM, Laura Li.

Besides the candidates to the Board & some of our members, we will have the participation of Mathias Boyer who is representing DCCC Beijing and PAN China. By the way Mathias is the Chairman of DCCC PAN China.

We are also very happy to count with the company of our Honorary Board member the Danish Consul General Jakob Linulf, that the 16th of April, the day of  HH (Her Highness) the Queen of Denmark’s birthday, got the “Ridderkorset af Dannebrogordenen”. Big congratulations with the new title Jakob Linulf!

Finally we have already appointed a Moderator to the AGM and this year it will be Michael Norgreen, so from now on Michael will moderate.

Chairman’s report

2019 has been in many ways a very special year and no doubt that 2020 will be unique for all of us.

During 2019 the USA-China trade war has had a big financial impact in China and globally. For us and our members has not been an exception, so our budget for 2019 was adjusted down to avoid later disappointments. Fortunately we did better than the budget and lost only 5 corporate members.

We keep the same level of events & activities from the last 3 years and were very successful with our training programs shared with other Nordic chambers. Besides our traditional events like BPOY, Welcome Back BBQ and the Christmas Party, we also held two other big events: one with the Countess Alexandra and the other with Jorgen Mads Clausen, Chairman of Danfoss. For the last two events we got a great sponsor support from Ferring Pharmaceuticals.

As a process that was started by the Board in 2017 and reported at last year’s AGM, the Board finalized the legal registration of DCC-EC (Shanghai) as a Company at the end of 2018. So the daily book-keeping, issuing of invoices and all financial activities during 2019 were registered and accounted through the registered company. This has facilitated an easier control and more structure in the way we handle our financial issues. Our treasure will explain it in more details later.

From the organization point of view, we are still a Non-Profit organization with the goal of serve the interest of our members and the Danish Community in Shanghai and East China in general. We are still a part of DCCC and follow 100% it’s AOA (Articles of Association). At the same time we have our own By-Laws that are originated from DCCC’s By-Laws, but adapted to the wishes of the DCC-EC’s Board. And as you already know we are going to vote today about the latest suggested modifications by the Board.

For been a part of DCCC, we are also a part of the DCCC Work Groups and can share the Work Groups Reports to our members. Furthermore DCCC took steps to initiate the Ambassador’s China Business Advisory Group (ACBAG) under the DCCC PAN-China framework together with the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, counting with the participation of the Danish Royal Consulate in Shanghai and many of our corporate members that were invited by the Ambassador. We have also started other co-operations through the same PAN-China framework: one with the Innovation Center Denmark based in Shanghai about HR and Work for Denmark programs and another one with Danish Chinese Business Forum (DCBF). So actually this year we are offering different Webinars to our members and they are very popular in these COVID-19 times. I would like to use this opportunity to thanks Mathias Boyer, Chairman of DCCC and PAN-China Chairman for his strong support to this framework!

On behalf of the Board and the chamber, we also want to thank all our members who made donations to fight against COVID-19.

This is actually my last report / speech as Chairman of DCC-EC, I have been holding the chair with honor for 3 years it’s time for a new Leader to take this role. Therefore I want to thank all the Board members that have supported the further development of DCC-EC through the last 3 years, helping to define the strategy and making possible to solidify our organization and supporting our co-operation through the DCCC PAN China framework. It has been truly meaningful and a great experience for me, working with and learning from a group of professional people. We reached a working level where every relevant decision was made in a democratic way and showing transparency. Therefore, I hope that the new Board would continue this development and take DCC-EC to the new next level.

I want to thank all our sponsors, especially Maersk, Ecco and Grundfos. Finally I want to thank our GM (Laura) and all our Board members for your great support. I will also use this opportunity to say thank you in particular to Niels Roed and Ole Esben Soerensen for your great work and support to DCC-EC during the last many years. Both of them are stepping out of the Board.

Very best Regards,
Poul Kristensen


Danes Worldwide Corner

IASC (a permanent committee within the UN) has worked with parents, teachers, and children the world over to develop the book “My Hero is You”. The book explains how children can protect themselves and help protect their families against the corona virus and suggests ways for them to manage the painful emotions of dealing with new and rapidly changing realities. The book has been translated into 16 languages including Danish and is available here.

Danes Worldwide has now made several instructional videos freely available. Explore Copenhagen under water and visit the orchestra academy in Holstebro (the only educational institution of its kind in Denmark). Check out these videos (in Danish) here. In addition, we have collected some guidelines for home schooling your children. You can read them (in Danish) here.


Update from the Royal Danish Consulate -May 2020

Closing Days
The Royal Danish Embassy in Beijing, the Consulates General in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chongqing, The Trade Council in Taipei as well as 12 Visa Application Centers (VAC’s) will be closed the 1st of May due to Labor Day.

In case of consular emergency, please call the following switchboards where you will be re-directed to the 24/7 call center at the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

The Royal Danish Embassy: +86 (10) 8532 9900
Consulate General in Shanghai: +86 (21) 8025 0600
Consulate General in Guangzhou: +86 (20) 2829 7300
Consulate General in Chongqing: +86 (23) 6372 6600

fresh knowledge for the Innovation Centre Denmark in Shanghai
Thomas Trøst Hansen is the Danish Innovation Centre’s new Innovation Attaché, as he takes over the former attaché, Martin Bech’s, position. With Higher Education & Science, Chinese Innovation Policy and Chinese Tech as focus areas, Thomas looks forward to setting up collaborations between international and Chinese higher education institutions, establishing and running partnerships within the public sector in China, obtaining public funding in China, as well as navigating and explaining the Danish science, education and innovation system.

Green agenda in Shanghai
With sustainability being high on the agenda, Consul General Jakob Linulf has visited climate friendly companies and landmarks during the last two months. Both to show support during these tough times, but also to gain an insight into how Shanghai is going green in many different and interesting ways.

Did you know that Shanghai Tower, the second tallest building in the world, has received several of the most prestigious green certificates? The green wonder is also loaded with climate friendly Danish valves from Danfoss, which Consul General Jakob Linulf was shown as he was invited on a ‘green tour’ of the building by the leading team behind.

Green buildings have been supported by the Chinese government since 2012 and Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects are specialists within sustainable designs. They are constructing Shanghai’s new library and landmark, Shanghai Library East, which of course is going to earn China’s top ranking within green buildings. Consul General Jakob Linulf visited the construction site and was shown around by Design Director Chris Hardie.

With a growing interest for green number plates in Shanghai, Consul General Jakob Linulf also made a visit to AIWAYS, a Chinese electric car manufacturer that has teamed up with the Danish developer of methanol fuel cells, Blue World Technologies.

Zero Waste Workshop at the Consulate
In an attempt to make the Danish Consulate General in Shanghai even more sustainable, we invited the company Zero Waste Shanghai indoors to perform a workshop for our team. The Consulate’s employees learned the essentials of the Zero Waste lifestyle and they were introduced to simple solutions that would make them able to live more sustainable and without plastic in the everyday life.

Health webinar
With China getting Covid-19 under control, The Trade Council in Shanghai hosted a webinar along with Alibaba’s Tmall with close to 100 Danish Brands participating. The participants were introduced to the Chinese E-commerce opportunities in the mist of Covid-19, with the main topics being food and health.

Har du hentet Udenrigsministeriets ”Rejseklar”-app?
Der er god hjælp at hente i vores gratis app, Rejseklar, hvor vi har samlet alt, hvad du skal vide om udlandsophold, så det er nemt at finde og bruge.

Her er 5 ting, du skal vide om Rejseklar:

1.Du kan finde alle vores rejsevejledninger direkte i app’en.
2.Det er nemt at tilmelde sig Danskerlisten i app’en. Når du er tilmeldt, kan vi komme i kontakt med dig, hvis der opstår en større krise som f.eks. en naturkatastrofe, et terrorangreb eller politiske uroligheder.
3.Hvis der pludseligt opstår en krise i det land, du er i, kan vi sende dig en push-besked med vigtig information om, hvad du kan gøre.
4,App’en har kontaktoplysninger til nærmeste danske ambassade eller konsulat, uanset hvor i verden du befinder dig.
5.Du kan læse om, hvad du kan gøre, hvis du f.eks. bliver syg, udsat for røveri eller får problemer på rejsen.
Hvert år hjælper vi flere tusinde danskere, når uheldet er ude. Med Rejseklar, kan vi bedre hjælpe dig.
Rejseklar findes til smartphones og kan hentes gratis i App Store til iPhone eller Google Play til Android.
For more news from the Consulate General in Shanghai subscribe at our website or find us on Facebook and Weibo – – –

Gruppe for virksomhedsledere i Shanghai (VL)

Kære dansktalende virksomhedsleder.
VL71 er en gren af VL Danmark og dermed et globalt netværk af dansktalende virksomhedsledere som mødes 6-8 gange om året for at udveksle arbejdsmæssige erfaringer og udfordringer. Vi er pt næsten 30 medlemmer men søger hele tiden flere. Kontakt evt for yderligere info og læs mere om VL på


New Corporate Member

Wrist China
Wrist is the world’s largest ship supplier and coordinates global activities through regional centers in Europe, Far East, Middle East and North America. Our 30 operations and more than 300 partnerships with local suppliers span the world’s sea-lanes and are founded on meeting the current demands of all ship owners and operators and the offshore market.

We provide a 24/7/365 service for every marine, offshore and navy operation, including land operations. We are a full service provider, including handling of owners goods, shipping, airfreight and related marine services, that can meet the demands of both multi-national organizations as well as small local businesses. We take pride in making it easy for our customer to receive their supplies, wherever they are needed, efficiently and at the best possible price – this is encapsulated in our mission: Expert care – making our customers’ life at sea better!


Upcoming Events

May  5                DCCC & DCBF Webinars:How will China Stimulate the Economy in Reaction to the Covid-19
May 12               DCCC & DCBF Webinars: Design companies on blockchain; pros & cons
May 13               Joint Chamber Webinar event: How Can You Get New Clients on LinkedIN?
May 14               DCCC & DCBF Webinars: How to attract and maintain staff
May 26               DCCC & DCBF Webinars: IPR protection in China
May 28               Leading and Managing Covid -19 Situation:Great Leadership in a Crisis (in Chinese)
June 13              DCCC Summer BBQ
June 19              Leading and Managing Covid -19 Situation:Creating and Maintaining a Positive Mindset in Difficult Times (in Chinese)
June 24              Leading and Managing Covid -19 Situation:Coaching for Engagement and Retention in Challenging Times (in Chinese)

To sign up for any of the above events please go to our home page:
Our Partners


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