Newsletter April 2021

Vice Chair’s Corner – Ann Sophie de Meester

Dear Members and Readers,After the latest AGM, the whole board has hit the ground running. A working-plan for the coming six months has been made and set in motion, and it is now full speed ahead on implementing it. We have by now learnt, that our new chairman’s delegation skills are very well developed! 😉

The key driver in the plan made for the upcoming months, is to create value for our members. Below are listed some of the initiatives we hope you will take full advantage of:

Working Groups
An additional HR working group has been added to the already existing Food WG and Legal & Finance WG.

  • The HR WG will mostly be run in Chinese, and we have an awesome kick off event planned on 27 May with the topic of “Digital transformation in HR management”. We very much hope, that the HR managers from all member companies will join, be inspired, learn and get some fresh inputs. The event will take place at the Danish consulate.
  • The legal and finance WG is taking place as breakfast meetings, with presentations of a specific topic, followed by very open round table discussions. The ones participating are CEOs, CFOs and senior managers. All nationalities are of course welcome, but the language spoken during the meetings is English. Please feel free to reach out to Ellen, if you would like to be notified of upcoming events for this group.
  • The food WG has recently had a very successful visit to Danish Crown’s factory. Feel free to join the food WG if you are in the F&B industry, or just like to eat, since tasting what is being discussed is a big part of these meetings.

Last year our summer BBQ was a great success, and this year Kim, Karin, Jeppe and Niels have again promised to make enough flæskesteg, pulled pork, syltede agurker and remoulade in order for everyone to be able to roll all the way home afterwards. Date is 29 May at Geneva, Hongqiao. Get your tickets here!

The Danish gala, aka BPOY, will be held on November 13th. We have been able to secure the Bvlgari hotel, which is the exact place where the original Shanghai Chamber of Commerce was established in 1912 during the Qing dynasty. We are working hard to make sure this becomes the party of the year, so we highly recommend you to already now start practicing your bowtie-tying skills and fiercest dance moves. More information to follow soon.

Also, a very warm welcome to our newest members, NBH and Boxon Packaging.

Only thing left to say is enjoy the beautiful spring, and the last day of the official May holiday!

Ann Sophie de Meester


Danes Worldwide Corner

Act fast before the fees go up: Danish language instruction special offer for 2021-22

On 1 May, the rates for our online courses (Danish for Beginners, Basic Danish, and School Level Danish) will be increased. Take advantage of our special offer:

  • For registrations made for yourself or your child before 6 May, you will pay the “old” fees for the entire 2021-22 school year.
  • “Old” fees apply also to registrations made before 6 May for the 4th segment of the current school year.

Act fast and save money.  Find out more about our courses here.

You are welcome to be in touch with Anja Kjær, head of teaching, if you have questions:


Update from the Royal Danish Consulate – April 2021

Consulate General
To support Danish companies in Xuzhou Consul General Jakob Linulf had a meeting with  Mayor of Xuzhou together with Danfoss, LiqTech, Jensen and Baettr. Jakob Linulf also visited Vink Plastic.

Consul General Jakob Linulf opened the IE Expo on 20 April together with Mr. Peng Bin Vice Chairman of Chinese society for Environmental science and Mr. Zhao Lijun President of China Environmental chamber of Commerce. Jakob Linulf visited the Danish Export Association’s water pavilion and talked to representatives from Hoyer and Hempel. AVK and Grundfos were also represented the IE Expo and Jakob Linulf visited both companies to talk about their green water projects in China. During the IE expo Innovation Officer Heidi Yujie Su,E.I.T. attended the U-S-E Water project’s 2 session seminar about Drinking Water Distribution & Urban Water Loss and Energy Saving and CO2 Reduction Technology for Wastewater Treatment to share the collaboration experience between Danish water SMEs and Yixing Local companies under Nordic Sustainable Cities.

Starting in 2014, the City of Shanghai has collaborated with the Energy Foundation China, China Sustainable Transportation Centre(CSTC) and the Danish Urban Strategy company Gehl – Making Cities for People to develop the strategy “Towards a People Orientated Waterfront” to create a people-first approaches to all public space development along all of the Shanghai Huangpu Riverfront. Mr. Sun Yuanxin from CSTC guided Consul General Mr. Jakob Linulf on a walk along the south Bund to introduce the idea behind the strategy and implementation. In 2018, the strategy had resulted in implementation of more than 45 km transformed and continuous public spaces from the Yangpu district to the Xuhui district. Since then, even more of the 110km waterfront has been transformed. Same year Kristian Villadsen, Partner and Director of Gehl was awarded the Magnolia Award by the Municipal Government of Shanghai. One of the latest implementations from Gehl’s strategic work in Shanghai is full transformation of Nanjing East Road into a pedestrian street

The artwork “Scries” created by the Danish art platform Diakron and artist Emil Rønn Andersen is part of Power Station of Art’s 13th Shanghai Biennale “Bodies of water” until 27 July. Consul General Jakob Linulf was invited to the opening ceremony and had the opportunity to talk online with Bjarke Hvass Kure, Aslak Aamot Kjærulff from Diakron and artist Emil Rønn Andersen about their art work. Scries is developed through conversations with scientists at DTU Environment, ICOS Denmark, RERAF Risø, CLIMAITE at Copenhagen University and the Centre for Ice and Climate at the Niels Bohr Institute. The project grows out of Primer, an art, science and technology platform developed between Diakron and the Danish water technology company Aquaporin A/S.

In April the Trade Council China, Shanghai signed two significant MoUs that can help Danish health companies into the Chinese growing health product market.

The first MoU was signed with Ecmoho, one of China’s largest trading partners within B2B and B2C health E-Commerce.  As the first country in the world, Denmark signs agreement with China’s largest online health provider, JD Health. The Trade Council in China has entered a MOU with JD Health, paving the way for Danish companies in reaching Chinese consumers and patients through the newly established ‘Danish Health Pavilion’ on JD.COM. With the MoU, Trade Council in China operationalizes the Danish Governments recently launched ‘Life Science Strategy’, offering significant opportunities for the Danish health sector. The ‘over the counter’ health product sector has grown significantly in China during  the COVID19 period and Danish product/brand analysis shows great potential for Danish products. At the event Danish GN Group and SME Camette also entered agreements with JD Health to further develop their online presence in #China.

In April, Nanjing TMR Energy (hereinafter: TMR Energy) announced that it will further increase its investment in Denmark to develop cutting-edge energy storage products with Technology University of Denmark and Aalborg University. This is one of the initiatives to further expand the market share of TMR’s Prime energy storage system globally. TMR Energy focuses on the development of innovative, sustainable energy storage systems and launched second used ESS from EV and distributed Prime series ESS in 2018 and 2020, respectively.

Jeppe Solmer, director of Asia, Invest in Denmark, stated that “We are very pleased to see that Chinese new energy technology companies are able to bring the latest technology and products developed by China and Denmark to both markets, upgrading technology and reducing costs, allowing users in more markets around the world to share the fruits of technology and contributing to global energy sustainable development.” Invest in Denmark will continue to support TMR Energy’s investment activities in Denmark.

Invest in Denmark joined Phenix Day 2021 by bringing Danish Drone and Robotics Sector to Chinese top tier companies in drone area. The event is hosted by  RobSense and Huzhou Research Institute of Zhejiang University. Invest in Denmark have for some years worked together with UAS Denmark to link the Danish drone cluster to the Chinese market opportunities. We will of course continue this effort and collaboration together with the new Drone cluster – Odense Robotics. We are always looking to expand this network and assist Chinese companies explore new opportunities for new business, R&D or partnerships in Denmark.

Innovation Centre:

Continuous focus on blockchain technology
ICDK Shanghai is actively looking for sustainable disruptive digital solutions in mature industries. We believe that the application and integration of blockchain technology is one of the major technologies of the future.

Blockchain Business Bridge, a platform funded by the Danish Industry Foundation and co-founded by ICDK Shanghai, invited guests to a discussion on cross-border partnerships in blockchain. This event looked into specific sectors food safety and smart cities – two areas with great potential for Sino-Danish business and technology collaboration.
ICDK Shanghai were also present at the eighth Asia-Pacific International Summit on Port Science and Technology. Here, we shared our insights on how blockchain solutions in the maritime industry can contribute to China’s overall climate ambitions, and specifically for Chinese ports’ path towards carbon neutrality.

Webinar: AI in Healthcare
AI development is progressing rapidly within health. This is especially evident in China, as they have placed a strategic focus on AI in healthcare. An aging population is driving an urgent need for easy access and highquality health services – AI is here to support the development.
In collaboration with DCCC and DCBF, ICDK Shanghai took the audience through an analysis of AI segments – such as imaging, health management and disease protection – within healthcare in China. The webinar underwent challenges, application scenarios, development and current status of each segment.

Webinar: International perspective on the importance of government’s digitalisation partnership
Dansk Energi and Branchefællesskab for Intelligent Energi invited guests to a webinar on international perspectives on the government’s recently established digitalization partnership.

Presentations were made from ICDK ShanghaiDenmark in Germany and Digital Hub Denmark on China’s, Germany’s, and the US’ respective digital ambitions.

Open call: Sino-Danish bilateral call collaboration 2021 – ‘Green Transition’ by Innovationsfonden
This is a bilateral call between Ministry of Science and Technology of China and Innovation Fund Denmark. Deadline for submission is Thursday 27th of May 2021.
Topic for this call is capture and storage or use of CO2. Green fuels for transportation and industry (Power-to-X, etc.). Climate- and environment-friendly agriculture and food production. Circular economy with a focus on plastics and textiles.

Innovation Fund Denmark can fund both universities, GTS institutes, hospitals, public organizations, and industry.

Click here for more information:


Visas and work permits to Denmark
Due to Covid-19, it has been very difficult to obtain a visa to Denmark for all foreigners, incl. Chinese nationals, for over a year now. The rules were relaxed on
21 April 2021, but it is still only possible to obtain a visa – and to enter Denmark with an existing visa – if you have a so-called “worthy purpose”. You can see the complete list of “worthy purposes” at the following link to the homepage: Foreigners habitually resident abroad ( Please check the link before making any decisions about travel, as the list of worthy purposes and entry requirements to Denmark in general is updated regularly.

On 21 April 2021, the rules for residence and work permits were also relaxed and the situation is now almost back to what it was before the pandemic. Read about the rules governing residence and work permits to Denmark at the following link to : New to Denmark (

Last summer, Denmark moved its visa case handling in China to a new visa hub at the Consulate General of Denmark in Guangzhou. In Shanghai, it is still possible to hand in your visa application at the visa application centre (VFS): Denmark Visa Information In China – Home Page ( The passport and documents are handed in to VFS, but the Danish Consulate General in Guangzhou handle the visa application and make the decision, together with the Danish Immigration Service in Copenhagen. The passport, with a visa or a refusal letter, is picked up at the VFS application centre in Shanghai after a decision has been made in the case. You can also ask to have your passport and documents returned to you by courier.

Culture event:

  • Danish film evening 9 June at the Consulate General from 18.30
  • BOOK THE DATE: Saturday 12th June the Consulate General and Consulate General of Finland are organizing a joint venue for all Danes and Finns to watch the UEFA European Championship match between Denmark – Finland
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VL Gruppe i Shanghai

Dansk Selskab for Virksomhedsledelse (VL) er et globalt netværk af dansktalende virksomhedsledere. VL gruppen i Shanghai mødes 6-8 gange om året for at udveksle arbejdsmæssige erfaringer og udfordringer. Vi er knap 30 medlemmer men har plads til flere. Hvis det har interesse kan mere information findes paa Formanden for VL71, Nikolaj Moesgaard kan kontaktes paa


Welcome to the New Members:

New Corporate Members:

Boxon Packaging

Boxon is a packaging company with headquarter in Sweden and branches in Nordic region, Germany, France, and China. They offer packaging solutions and save total supply chain cost for clients. Boxon (Shanghai) Packaging is part of the Boxon Group.


NBH is a a digital agency capturing the Chinese customers. In the world where China’s digital communication channels are unique from the rest of the world, their marketing experts, create and build strong presences and campaigns that inspire action and deliver measurable business results. NBH is based in Shanghai, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Helsinki and Reykjavik, and are official trusted partner of Tencent, Douyin, Alipay and Ctrip.


Upcoming Events

May 6 IP Protection at Online Trade Fairs
May 11 Sino-Danish Government to Government Cooperation within Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, Environment & Water and Sustainable Urban Developments
May 18 China Growth Strategy in the “Decoupling” Era
May 25 Entering the Chinese Market Through Cross Border E-Commerce during COVID-19
May 26 Visit to Lingang Special Area
May 27 HR Work Group: Optimizing HR Management Through Digital Technologies
May 29 Summer BBQ
To sign up for any of the above events please go to our home page:
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