Newsletter December 2020

Chairman’s Corner – Kim Scheibel

Dear DCCC friends and colleagues,

Happy New Year to all of you,

I hope you somehow managed to take a few days off around what we in the west call new year, well knowing that the big new year celebrations in China are still ahead of us, but possibly with the same limitations to travelling as we currently experience, which mean staying at home enjoying the company of family and friends.

At the end of 2020 DCCC East China managed to hold its first “Food and Beverage WG” meeting attended by 21 companies representing production, trading and serving. Numerous ideas were brought forward to be discussed in future meetings, incl. but not limited to: food safety, distribution, sustainability, etc.

Our “Finance, Legal/IT WG” is also up running, so now we hope also to kickstart our “HR WG” shortly. Should you be interested in joining any of these work groups then please contact the DCCC East China office, for you to be added to the participant list (DCCC membership required) .

DCCC East revised the membership fee structure for 2021 back in April of 2020 during our AGM. The larger companies will pay a little more and the smaller a little less. We have then added a middle group as well, to be fully in line with DCCC North’s tariffs. Just to remind you what was agreed at the AGM

Corporate A member            RMB 14.000
Any legally registered Representative Office or Branch of a non-Chinese company or organization in China involved in or interested in trade and commerce between Denmark and China with more than 1000 employees globally. Voting rights.

Corporate B member            RMB 6.000
Any legally registered Representative Office or Branch of a non-Chinese company or organization in China involved in or interested in trade and commerce between Denmark and China with 100 to 999 employees globally. Voting rights.

Corporate C member            RMB 4.000
Any legally registered Representative Office or Branch of a non-Chinese company or organization in China involved in or interested in trade and commerce between Denmark and China with 1 to 99 employees globally. Voting rights.

Individual (DK citizens)       RMB 1.500
Individuals who are interested in the Chamber activities, but does not quality for a corporate membership. For legal reasons Chinese Nationals do NOT quality for this category. Voting rights.

Partner     company              RMB 6.000
Any Chinese legally registered Representative office or Branch of a Chinese company or organization in China, involved in or interested in trade and commerce between Denmark and China who are interested in the Chambers activities.

Friend (CN citizens)              RMB 1.500
Chinese individuals who are interested in the Chamber activities, but does not qualify for a Partner membership.

Student                  RMB 100
For students living and studying temporarily in Shanghai / East China. Need to present documentation from school/university to verify qualification for student membership.

Honorary                RMB Free of charge
Persons recognized for their outstanding accomplishments and stature in the community who has made notable contributions to the promotion of trade and commerce between Denmark and China may be invited by the Board of DCCC-EC to become Honorary Member of DCCC-EC. The Honorary Membership cannot be entrusted or transferred. This membership will be for life, unless unethical or humanitarian actions, later on becomes exposed, then the honorary membership can be revoked.

Sign-up registration fee RMB 1.000 (Corporate) / RMB 500 (Individual)

DCCC East Team Management Chinese Training will start from January to March for the corporate Chinese staff. The Danish, Swedish and Finnish Chambers of Commerce in Shanghai are proud to offer Team Management Training with some of the leading talent management consulting companies in Europe & Asia.

The whole program is targeting emerging or middle management staff from our member companies. The program has 3 modules, and the 3 modules are taught in Chinese over 3 months. Each module is a half day training in the morning. After completing all three modules, the participant will get an official certificate issued by the chambers and the facilitators. There are 25 seats available. The sign up is on an individual basis. Certification is only achieved, when the same person participates in all three modules.

DCCC events finished in December 2020:
Dec. 1   DCCC & DCBF webinar: How to Succeed with Chinese Social Media and the Right Content
Dec. 8   DCCC & DCBF webinar: IPR in China
Dec. 9    First Food Working Group Meeting
Dec.10   SME Seminar: Retail, Contracts, Chops and Information Protection Law
Dec.14   Build Your Unique Christmas Decorations with LEGO Flagship Store Shimao
Dec.16   Breakfast Event: The Growth Prospects of China: Why the Dual Circulation Strategy? (Joint Chamber)
Dec.18  Danish Friday

Upcoming events in January 2021:
Jan. 12   DCCC & DCBF webinar: China-IoT Nation a closer look at China’s development with AI and Big Data
Jan. 14   DCCC & DCBF webinar: Ready to negotiate in one hour!
Jan. 15   Nordic Afterwork Networking in Suzhou
Jan. 19   DCCC & DCBF webinar: AI in China’s E-Commerce and Retail industry
Jan. 20   What to expect in 2021: Inputs from 200 companies(Joint Chamber Event)
Jan. 22   Nordic Afterwork Networking in Shanghai
Jan. 26   Team Management – Managing Expectations and Goals
Jan. 26   DCCC & DCBF webinar: Legal: Draft Personal Info Protection Law

Stay safe until next time …..

Sincerely Yours,
Kim Scheibel
Chairman DCCC East China


Danes Worldwide Corner


A new career building network, Young Global Danes, is being launched by Danes Worldwide. It is supported by a grant from the Tuborg Foundation of DKK 250,000.

Backed by the Confederation of Danish Industry (DI) and trade organization Danish Shipping, the initiative meets a strong demand among young Danes aged 18 to 26 who live abroad and want to move to or return to Denmark to study or work but find that they lack insight into the business environment in Denmark.

The network is intended to help such young people settle in Denmark and leverage their skills in the country’s international job market. The grant support enables delivery of a thorough introduction to job markets and career opportunities in Denmark for global Danes with highly desirable intercultural experience. Young Global Danes will be working to bring employers and candidates together through site visits at Danish companies and through educational events covering career opportunities, competencies, and workplace culture.


Update from the Royal Danish Consulate – December 2020

Input from Consulate General in Shanghai

Together with Shenzhen robotics association, Invest in Denmark had announced a strategic partnership with the leading Chinese robotics cluster organization in South China. During the annual conference and cluster leader summit, a short to mid-term cluster strategy which described an aggressive development plan for the cluster in the advanced manufacturing technologies had been revealed to the public. And this partnership with the cluster will help Invest in Denmark gaining more opportunities on direct access to those potential investors who are looking for product, service, and technology offered by international leading R&D teams.

Sino-Danish Child Friendly Community Forum
Innovation Centre Denmark, Shanghai successfully held the Sino-Danish Child Friendly Community Forum 9 Dec, which attracted about 100 offline participants and almost 2000 online audience. Child Friendly Community (CFC) is a project initiated by the Ministry of Higher Education and Science, led by the Innovation Centre Denmark, Shanghai with support from the Danish Embassy, UNICEF, UNICEF Denmark, UNICEF China, and ENRICH in China.

Sino-Danish Centre 10 year anniversary
On 11 Dec, Innovation Center Denmark and Sino-Danish Centre celebrated the 10-year anniversary of the Sino-Danish Center and the launch of SDC International Report: Cooperating for Energy Transition.

Within the last 10 years, the collaboration between University of Chinese Academy of Sciences and all eight Danish universities has brought a solid foundation for cross-border research and education. The vision for the future is to further strengthen the collaboration and provide even better opportunities for students and researchers at the SDC.

Joining the celebrations was Ambassador of the Kingdom of Denmark Thomas Østrup Møller and Executive Vice President of University of Chinese Academy of Sciences Dr. Wang Yanfen, as well as Dean of Sino-Danish College Ms. Zhao Hong, and Executive Director of SDC Morten Laugesen. Introducing the SDC International Report was editors Birte Holst Joergensen and Stine Jessen Haakonsson.

Presentation at DCBF webinar
Martin Rune Hoxer, Executive Director of Innovation Centre Denmark, Shanghai will give a presentation about ”China – IoT Nation a closer look at Chinas development within AI and Big Data” at a webinar held by DCBF regarding IoT, AI and big data in China.

The purpose of presentation is to shed light on the development of the Internet of Things (IoT) in China and inspire corporates and universities to look to China for IoT partnerships and market opportunities.

Webinar: Blockchain development in Europe and China
ICDK’s project Blockchain Business Bridge will hold a webinar on “Blockchain development in Europe and China” together with ENRICH in China on 20 Jan. The purpose of the meeting is to introduce the development of blockchain business in both China and Europe and exploring business opportunities for European blockchain companies in China.

Har du hentet Udenrigsministeriets ”Rejseklar”-app?
Der er god hjælp at hente i vores gratis app, Rejseklar, hvor vi har samlet alt, hvad du skal vide om udlandsophold, så det er nemt at finde og bruge.

Her er 5 ting, du skal vide om Rejseklar:

1.Du kan finde alle vores rejsevejledninger direkte i app’en.
2.Det er nemt at tilmelde sig Danskerlisten i app’en. Når du er tilmeldt, kan vi komme i kontakt med dig, hvis der opstår en større krise som f.eks. en naturkatastrofe, et terrorangreb eller politiske uroligheder.
3.Hvis der pludseligt opstår en krise i det land, du er i, kan vi sende dig en push-besked med vigtig information om, hvad du kan gøre.
4,App’en har kontaktoplysninger til nærmeste danske ambassade eller konsulat, uanset hvor i verden du befinder dig.
5.Du kan læse om, hvad du kan gøre, hvis du f.eks. bliver syg, udsat for røveri eller får problemer på rejsen.
Hvert år hjælper vi flere tusinde danskere, når uheldet er ude. Med Rejseklar, kan vi bedre hjælpe dig.
Rejseklar findes til smartphones og kan hentes gratis i App Store til iPhone eller Google Play til Android.
For more news from the Consulate General in Shanghai subscribe at our website or find us on Facebook and Weibo – – –

VL Gruppe i Shanghai
Dansk Selskab for Virksomhedsledelse (VL) er et globalt netværk af dansktalende virksomhedsledere. VL gruppen i Shanghai mødes 6-8 gange om året for at udveksle arbejdsmæssige erfaringer og udfordringer. Vi er knap 30 medlemmer men har plads til flere. Hvis det har interesse kan mere information findes paa Formanden for VL71, Nikolaj Moesgaard kan kontaktes paa

___________________________________________________Did you miss any of our events in December?
Here are some highlights:

First Food and Beverages WG on 9th December

(Photos by Laura Li)

Build Your Unique Christmas Decorations with LEGO Flagship Store Shimao on 14th December

(Photos by Laura Li)


Upcoming Events

January 12    DCCC & DCBF webinar: China-IoT Nation a closer look at China’s development with AI and Big Data
January 14    DCCC & DCBF webinar: Ready to negotiate in one hour!
January 15    Nordic Afterwork Networking in Suzhou
January 19    DCCC & DCBF webinar: AI in China’s E-commerce and Retail Industry
January 20    What to expect in 2021: Inputs from 200 companies(Joint Chamber Event)
January 22    Nordic Afterwork Networking in Shanghai
January 26    Team Management – Managing Expectations and Goals
January 26    DCCC & DCBF webinar: Legal: Draft Personal Info Protection Law

To sign up for any of the above events please go to our home page:
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