Newsletter February 2020

Chairman’s Corner – Poul G. Kristensen 

Dear Members and Friends of DCCC,

This should be our second newsletter of the year and under normal conditions we will be sharing information about the already held events as well news concerning the coming ones. But this year is different in many ways and probably one of the most challenging ones in the last many years for China and the whole foreign community living her.

As you already know, because of the COVID-19 we cancelled or postponed all our planned activities for February as well for March, including the AGM (Annual General Meeting). According to our Articles of Association and Bylaws we need to inform 3 weeks before having the AGM, furthermore it should be held in March. Actually it was planned to the 19th of March 2020, but since we don’t know when the rules for quarantine and isolation will be lifted in Shanghai, we are postponing the AGM to the 23rd of April. This date will be confirmed later on, when we know more about the whole situation and rules concerning gathering of people in Shanghai as well travel restrictions between cities and districts.

The 20th of February we held a very successful Webinar together with DCBF and DCCC PAN China on COVID-19 – “How to navigate the current situation for Danish companies doing business in and with China”, with 3 very experienced speakers: Chris Cui, President of Kopenhagen Fur China; Cindy Wang, CEO of ISS China and Jesper Andersen CEO of Safe & Care.

Next week, the 3rd of March we will have the second Webinar: “How are Danish companies operating in China dealing with the consequences of the COVID-19 outbreak?” The speakers this time will be: Niels Thomsen, CEO of Danish Crown China; Lotte Norgreen, GM of Vikinor Suzhou and Jakob Kjaer, General Counsel AVK Holding, Anhui. Don’t lose this opportunity to follow the development in China.

Actually right now the whole world is holding the breath and crossing fingers that the COVID-19 doesn’t spread around Europe and other regions of the world. Because most likely no country will take the extraordinary measures taken by the Chinese Government to contain the outbreak and furthermore no one will have the resources, infrastructure, determination, public support and power to control it, as China did and is doing.

You can read more about DCCC’s activities in our home page or by following our postings in LinkedIn.

We welcome our new individual members:
Huizhi Tian
Rong Jianxin

As of 27 February, many member companies have kindly made donations to support the fight against coronavirus outbreak. Below list is in alphabetical order in Shanghai part:

Arla China
Ferring Pharmaceutical
GN Group
LEO Pharma
Maersk Group
Mille Food
Pandora Jewelry

If your company has made a donation but not listed above, please contact


In general, it is highly recommended to follow local government instructions and recommendations and contact the local authorities directly if you have any questions or concerns. In some cases, companies that perform important supply functions or are active areas of important infrastructure (“Special Enterprises”) are explicitly excluded from the company closures. The exact conditions for company closures may vary locally and should always be carefully considered.

Some provinces and cities set up service hotlines or published guidelines on the necessary steps that companies have to take for before getting back to business after the extended holidays. Since regulations on all levels of government and neighborhood committees exist this can be confusing. In general, companies must apply to their local government for permission to open. The government will give priority to industrial companies, medical companies and companies related to people’s livelihood. Please make sure your company’s qualified staff (e.g. government affairs, admin …) is in touch with the relevant authorities to receive up to date information.

In addition, all universities, vocational schools, high schools, secondary schools, primary schools, kindergartens, and nurseries are to remain closed until March.

Similar measures have been enacted by other city governments, including Beijing, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chongqing, Chengdu, and more. Please consult your local city government press releases for specified additional information.

For Shanghai, official notice can be found on the city government website

The Chinese government has taken a series of strong measures since the outbreak of pneumonia caused by novel coronavirus. At present, except for the lockdown of the exit channel of Wuhan ports, all port visa agencies are operating as usual. Visa-free transit policy for foreigners are still effective. All land, sea and air ports of China are functioning. Foreigners can enter or exit as usual with their valid international travel documents.
At present, it is helpful to the epidemic prevention and control by reducing cross border movements. Foreigners could make reasonable travel arrangements to China and stay or reside in China as usual. Due to entry restrictions adopted by some countries and regions, it is advised that foreigners who need to exit from China, should learn in advance entry requirements of destination countries or regions to avoid financial and time losses in case of any entry refusals. Those who travel to countries or regions without entry restrictions, are advised to arrive at exit ports well ahead of departure time for necessary checks. Foreigners having fever with symptoms of acute respiratory infection such as cough or breathing difficulties, should avoid international travels and seek immediate medical treatment at the nearest hospitals. Information such as recent activities as well as close contacts should be provided to relevant authorities for any necessary control measures.All exit-entry administration (EEA) authorities in China will be in full service for extension and issuance of visa and stay or residence permits to ensure foreigners’ legitimate stay in China. Urgent services for emergency situations will also be provided. To avoid crowds gathering risks, the EEA authorities will make arrangements for services on appointments. Foreigners could make appointments in advance for any applications. For those institutions which host high numbers of foreigners, such as universities, scientific research institutes and business enterprises, the EEA authorities will allow additional agent service or provide other necessary conveniences depending upon the situation.

More information please find following link in English:

(As of Feb 27)

78,630 Confirmed cases in China
2,358 Suspected cases in China
32,578  Recovered patients released from hospital in China
2,747  Fatalities related to n-CoV in China

3,667 Confirmed cases internationally
226   Recovered patients released from hospital internationally
52  Fatality related to n-CoV internationally

  • South Korea reported more than half of the new cases at 449 up from 253 new cases yesterday. The total is now 1595.
  • Italy saw a rise in new cases to 131 from 93 yesterday with the total number of infected now 453 (it was 3 one week ago). Spain saw an increase to 13 infections (total) from 9 yesterday.
  • Japan had 19 new cases up from 10 yesterday bringing the total to 189.
  • Six new countries registered their first cases: Norway, North Macedonia, Greece, Georgia, Brazil and Pakistan.
  • Another case was reported in Sweden bringing the total to 2 here.
  • New infections in mainland China increased to 433 from 406 yesterday, but is still trending lower. The number was just below 4000 in early February.
  • The number of new deaths was 39, the lowest in a long time. It is mainly because the number of new deaths in China is coming down, though. 10 new deaths was reported outside mainland China (3 in Iran, 2 in Italy, 2 in Japan, 1 on Diamond Princess cruise ship, 1 in France, 1 in South Korea, )
  • Total death rate is unchanged at 3.4% but rising outside China to 1.0% (from 0.9% yesterday).

1. It is a large size cell (roughly 400-500nm diameter). Normal masks should be able to filter it out. N95 masks offer additional protection to those who need it.
2. If an infected individual sneezes, it will travel 3 metres before it drops to the ground and is no longer airborne.
3. When the virus drops on a metal surface, it can live for 12-plus hours. If your touch metal surfaces, wash your hands with soap thoroughly.
4. The virus can remain active on fabric up to 12 hours. Normal laundry detergent should kill the virus if present.

1. Throat infection. Lasting 3 to 4 days.
2. Nasal fluid, dripping into the trachea, entering the lungs, causing pneumonia. Lasting 5-6 days.
3. High fever and difficulty breathing. Pneumonia causes severe nasal blockage and a sensation of drowning in water. Seek immediate medical attention.

1. Most common transmission of virus is through touching things in public, then touching your face. Wash your hands with soap often, especially after being outside.
2. Some reports state you can contract the virus through your eyes. Be vigilant not to rub your eyes after touching things before washing your hands.

If you feel the described symptoms, foreign expats in Shanghai have been instructed to go to the following hospitals to receive treatment:

– HuaShan Hospital
12 Wulumuqi Rd. Middle
contact: Mrs. Lu, 13918274328

– ZhongShan Hospital
1609 Xietu Rd./ 180 Fenglin Rd.
contact: Mr. Suo, 13681941201

– RuiJin Hospital
197 Ruijin er Rd.
contact: Mr. Yang 18917762964
Mr. Gao 18917762055

– Shanghai 1st People’s Hospital
85 WuJin Rd.
contact: Mr. Shen 13386259607

– Renji East Branch hospital
160 Pujian Rd.
contact: Mr. Zhang 13341967859

– Pediatric Hospital of Fudan University
399 WanYuan RD.
contact: Mr. Zhang, 18017591020

– Shanghai Children’s Medical Center
1678 Dongfang RD.
contact: Ms. Yang, 18930830672

Annotation: Those who are confirmed of the new coronavirus will be transferred to two special medical centres (one for adults and one for children)

Remember to follow our activities in our homepage as well through WeChat. You can also follow DCCC Beijing & DCC-SC, and if you decide to participate at theirs events, you will just pay the normal member fee.

Sincerely Yours,
Poul G. Kristensen


Danes Worldwide Corner

Spaces still available at Summer School
For a third year, there is an option to sign up for the special “Returning to Denmark” track at Summer School. This track is designed for students aged 13-17 who plan to move to Denmark to attend post-secondary educational programs or university.Its purpose is to prepare the students for entering into a Danish educational environment characterized by work done in pairs or groups and by lively debate and exchange of opinion so that they avoid “culture shock”.
A few spaces are still available in the regular Summer School program and in the “Return to Denmark” track. But hurry as they are going fast. Get more details at  or contact Summer School Coordinator Solveig Engberg at or +45 3332 0913, with any questions.


Update from the Royal Danish Consulate

Add Our New WeChat Account
Get closer to the Danish community in Shanghai by adding the Consulate General’s new WeChat account, from which we will share information about our events, as well as post other useful information for Danes living in Shanghai. This account is dedicated to our Shanghai office, and works as a supplement to our main WeChat page.

To add our new contact, simply scan the following code using WeChat:

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Welcome New Member
New Individual Members:
Huizhi Tian
Rong Jianxin

Upcoming Events

Mar  3                 Webinar event: How are Danish companies operating in China dealing with the consequences of the COVID-19 outbreak?
Mar 11                Nordic webinar event with The Economist
Middle of Mar     Webinar event with Maersk Line
Apr 23                Annual General Meeting

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