Newsletter February 2022

Boards Corner

Dear Members and Friends,
The new year has been very busy for DCCC. Our new setup with combined forces is still in the process of finding our feet and many new task forces, initiatives are in progress and are keeping us on our toes to make the All-China chamber up and running as one unit with 3 regional offices. The All-China Board has been set and consists of 3 members from each region. Each region has its own boards as we had before to handle the topics and events only related to those areas. A number of task Force Groups (TF) has been setup on an All-China level, and they are listed here in no particular order:
  • Finance (Treasurers)
  • Legal, Compliance, Bylaws, SOPs, IT Archiving (Secretaries) IT Archiving
  • Advocacy/ Stakeholder relationships
  • HR, Talent, Training
  • Communication
  • Email, SoMe, PR
  • Memberships
  • Key Events
  • DCBF/ Nordic CC & Nordic Embassies Cooperation
On top of this we have the EUSME project which is in the third phase and finally several ad hoc TF also mentioned here in no particular order:
  • China Unification Event (Ad-hoc)
  • Recruitment of SG (Ad-Hoc)
  • Branding (Ad-Hoc)
  • Value Prop (Ad-Hoc)
Several work composition groups are also being setup within different themes and topics. These are still in preparation for All-China, even some of these are working on local levels already.
At the same time, we are preparing to hire a Secretary General for All-China and we have had a huge interest in this position and are currently evaluating candidates selected by the headhunter. This is a Key position in the All-China organization, and we need to spend the time needed to select the right candidate for this.
Budget on local and All-China level is also being prepared for the AGMs, so it is fair to say that a lot of people has been working hard to make all these things happen and we are sure this is going to add a lot of value to our members and make the Danish Chamber grow and offer better value to all.
In China, we are still under hard Covid control, and we still have challenges regarding free travel internationally. We hope that 2022 is the year where this situation will “normalize” as much as it can, so we can avoid the quarantines and get visitors back to China and the business relations to be continued with personal meetings.
The Supply Chain disruptions seemed like they were easing a little, but the new situation in the world, might keep the disruptions there for a while yet.
The terrible situation in Ukraine is casting dark clouds over everything else. Our hearts and thoughts are with the Ukrainian people, and we are hoping for a soon and peaceful solution to this. The world is supporting Ukraine on many levels and hopefully this will help as well for this situation to end soon.
Our All-China Chairman said in his last newsletter that “ Personal and organizational agility, working closely together, helping each other, being brave and determined will make this a great year for us all”.
If this is going to be a great year for us all, is hard to say in the present situation, but everything else in that statement is valid and we need to strive for that.
Best Regards
Jan Lægaard Broni
All China Vice Chairman
Danish Chamber of Commerce in China

New Members at the DCCC

Arla Foods Ingredients is a leading whey ingredient supplier for early life nutritionbakingdairymedical applications and sports nutrition. We’re known for having the industry’s highest levels of quality, innovation and food safety.
Arla Foods Ingredients Group P/S is a subsidiary of Arla Foods, a global dairy cooperative owned by dairy farmers in six countries.
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Updates from Danish Mission in China

Trade Council China, Shanghai
Arrival of Minipigs to China
On the 9th of February Consul General Jakob Linulf and Commercial Consul Jesper Halle received the first batch of Ellegaard Gottingen Minipigs to China at Pudong Airport. The arrival of the pigs is a culmination of years of work for Ellegaard and the Trade Council and finally this unique breed of pigs have gained market access to China. The minipigs were tested on arrival at Pudong and subsequently put into a 30 days quarantine before they can fully enter China.
Visit to Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects (SHL)
 On the 17th of February Consul General Jakob Linulf and Commercial Consul Jesper Halle visited SHL’s impressive Shanghai office and got a comprehensive introduction by Design Partner Chris Hardie of SHL Architects to their large portfolio of projects in China. The Danish architectural firm has managed to set and incredible footprint on China’s architecture landscape with projects in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Ningbo etc.. Most noteworthy this year will be the opening of the impressive Shanghai Library East in Pudong.
Visit to Byte Dance TIK TOK
On the 24th of February a delegation from the Shanghai Trade Council headed by Consul General Jakob Linulf visited Byte Dance’s Shanghai offices to discuss new Danish business opportunities on the Chinese version of TikTok called Douyin. ByteDance recently launched an interest-based e-commerce model on Douyin, creating exciting market opportunities for Danish brands. Douyin has more than 600 million monthly active users across China. The app is just one of ByteDance’s social media products, that are designed by a global team placed in over 120 locations across the world, including Shanghai, New York, Paris and Singapore. The Trade Council in Shanghai will prepare a comprehensive package for Danish companies wishing to promote and sell their products on Douyin.
Innovation Centre Denmark, Shanghai
International Technology Collaboration with China 
ICDK Shanghai and the Danish Academy of Technical Sciences held its second seminar under the China Tech Initiative. The title for this seminar was ‘China as cutting-edge technology developer and Beijing’s technology wish list’. Over the course of 2021 and 2022, the seminars will be turned into a guide to Danish technology developing small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) who consider or are already engaged in collaboration with Chinese partners.
Invest in Denmark Shanghai
Launch of Introduction Video
IDK Shanghai has launch the new introduction video of IDK 2022. The video demonstrates a range of reasons why businesses should invest in Denmark as well as how IDK can provide consultancy and tailor-made solutions to companies who are interested in operating or expanding in Denmark.
Upcoming Event: 
March 15 | The first net-zero campus in China with Nordic Solutions
Together with NISS and other partners, ICDK Shanghai host an online session enlighten about green building opportunities in Shanghai. The session will provide an in-depth presentation about the NISS Campus and highlight scaling innovative solutions within net-zero buildings.
Har du hentet Udenrigsministeriets ”Rejseklar”-app?
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  4. App’en har kontaktoplysninger til nærmeste danske ambassade eller konsulat, uanset hvor i verden du befinder dig.
  5. Du kan læse om, hvad du kan gøre, hvis du f.eks. bliver syg, udsat for røveri eller får problemer på rejsen.
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Updates from Danes Worldwide

On February 11, Danes Worldwide took part in a constructive meeting with Minister of Immigration Mattias Tesfaye. He appreciates the fact that Danes Worldwide is a member of the working group now taking a closer look at the rules for family unification. Mr. Tesfaye was interested in the experience of our members in terms of these rules. In addition, we discussed the matter of documentation related to retention of citizenship; efforts are underway to ease the requirements and make the application process less complex. Our young members will appreciate such developments.
We are pleased with the interest on the part of the minister and look forward to improvements in the processing of applications from expat Danes.
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