Newsletter January 2021

Chairman’s Corner – Kim Scheibel

Dear Members and Readers, It has been a very busy period in/around the DCCC East office as our General Manager Laura Li has decided to find a new employer, we all wish Laura the best of luck in her future career.

It was therefore with due diligence that we had started to process of employing Ellen Kier as Membership Assistant. Ellen will now take over a number of Laura’s duties, while we look for yet one more office staff member. You have probably seen elsewhere that we are looking for 3 interns to be shared between the 3 DCCC Chambers in China, one of them being based here in Shanghai. Welcome Ellen – and thank you to Ann Sophie and here colleagues for assisting in all the paperwork to get Ellen onboard. Ellen can be contacted by email:

An other important event is soon coming up namely our Annual General Meeting (AGM), which is going to be held on 24th March at the Radisson Blu Shanghai New World Hotel (further details will follow in due time). We will, as usual, need to vote at the AGM for who is going to serve as DCCC East board member(s) for the next 12 months. At last years AGM, we approved to change our by-laws on a few points in relation to the board. We are currently 14 members, this will be reduced to 12 members for the coming year. As such, we will only need to vote for 6 candidates, as 6 members of the current board will stay on for one more year.

So if you are interested in a DCCC East Board position, now is the time to start thinking about it, you will need to send in your application either to Ellen or undersigned (

As already indicated during last years AGM, then I will only be able to serve 1 year as DCCC Chairman, as my contract with my “dayjob” is running out in June, thereafter returning to Denmark. So if you see yourselves fit and with a little extra precious time to spare, then I can highly recommend to get involved with DCCC to run for the board and potentially become the next Chairman. I have thoroughly enjoyed to responsibility.

Due to the current Covid-19 situation in Shanghai, we have had to postpone our Team Management Chinese Training from February until after Chinese New Year.

Despite Covid-19, we did manage to the hold following events in January:

January 12        DCCC & DCBF webinar: China-IoT Nation a closer look at China’s development with AI and Big Data
January 14        DCCC & DCBF webinar: Ready to negotiate in one hour!
January 15        Nordic Afterwork Networking in Suzhou
January 19        DCCC & DCBF webinar: AI in China’s E-commerce and Retail Industry
January 20        What to expect in 2021: Inputs from 200 companies (Joint Chamber Event)
January 22        Nordic Afterwork Networking in Shanghai
January 26        DCCC & DCBF webinar: Legal: Draft Personal Info Protection Law
Upcoming events:
February 2        DCCC & DCBF webinar: Food Safety and Crisis Management During COVID-19
February 9        DCCC & DCBF webinar: Green: China 2030/60
February 16      DCCC & DCBF webinar: How Climate Change Adaptation in China Creates Business  Opportunities in Denmark
February 23      DCCC & DCBF webinar: Chinese Agriculture’s new Course towards Higher Efficiency and Environmental Concerns
February 25      Team Management – Managing Expectations and Goals
March 2            DCCC & DCBF webinar: Understanding Patent Protection and the Revised Patent Law of the PRC from 1 June 2021
March 16          DCCC & DCBF webinar: Introduction to and Possible Applications of Industry 4.0/CM 2025
March 24          Annual General Meeting
DCCC East will also like to extend a very warm welcome to following new members in January:
Corporate members:
Royal Greenland A/S
Direct Link – Part of PostNord
Individual members:
Gunnhild a Rogvi Olsen
Nikolaj MoesgaardI hope everyone of you will get some days off around Chinese New Year and that this Covid-19 situation will come under control, so that we slowly can move back to a “normal” life again.

Happy New Year and very best regards,

Kim Scheibel
DCCC East Chairman


Danes Worldwide Corner

Expat Danes can’t get a COVID shot 

A number of expat Danes are caught in a worrisome bind in that they are unable to obtain a COVID vaccination through the health services system in their country of residence, through a private clinic, or in Denmark.

Danes Worldwide has previously raised the matter with the Minister of Health and others. While we await a response, we communicate regularly with several Danish newspapers. They are looking to get in touch with expat Danes who are in this situation.

Please be in touch with Danes Worldwide as soon as possible if you are.

Write to and describe your specific situation briefly, indicating your name, country of residence, and telephone number.

Among others, daily newspaper Kristeligt Dagblad has covered the matter: (in Danish).


Update from the Royal Danish Consulate – January 2021

Input from Consulate General in Shanghai

CIIE 2021 – Danish Food Pavilion (5-10 Nov 2021)

The invite for the Danish Food Pavilion at the CIIE 2021 is now out. Once again the Pavilion will be a joint project between Danish Confederation of Industries (DI) and the Royal Danish Consulate General in Shanghai. If you are a Danish food company and wish to learn more about CIIE, please contact Commercial Officer Rachel Zhang on<>.

Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership
Executive Director of ICDK Shanghai Martin Rune Hoxer has shared his thoughts on the newly established free trade agreement the ‘Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership’ (RCEP). The agreement is the largest of its kind and constitutes two of the three largest economies in the world, and is the first to include ChinaJapan, and South Korea within the same agreement.

There is reason to believe that an agreement like this can have an effect for Danish companies’ ability to expand their products, designed for the Chinese market, into new territories. At ICDK Shanghai, we are following the impact of the deal, in order to explore and facilitate those possibilities this agreement brings along for Danish companies.

ICDK: Kina har indgået verdens største frihandelsaftale – Mandag Morgen – Uafhængigt innovationshus. Analyser og ny viden. (

Presentation at DCBF webinar
On 12 Jan, Martin Rune Hoxer, Executive Director of Innovation Centre Denmark, Shanghai gave a presentation about ”China – IoT Nation a closer look at Chinas development within AI and Big Data” at a webinar held by DCBF regarding IoT, AI and big data in China.

The purpose of presentation is to shed light on the development of the Internet of Things (IoT) in China and inspire corporates and universities to look to China for IoT partnerships and market opportunities.

SDC collaboration open call
The Innovation Management Programme at Sino-Danish Centre for Education and Research opens opportunities for company collaboration. Currently, the many Danish students are not able to travel to China to attend their classes, but they are eager to engage with Chinese culture and businesses. Your business might benefit from collaborating with the students for example in the form of:

  • Master and PhD thesis collaboration
  • Guest lectures by company representatives
  • Case competitions
  • Remote internship
The Innovation Management programme at SDC has published a folder on the opportunities for student-business collaborations:

The curious can read more about the Sino-Danish Center for Education and Research (SDC) here:

Webinar: Blockchain development in Europe and China
ICDK’s project Blockchain Business Bridge successfully held a webinar on “Blockchain development in Europe and China” together with ENRICH in China on Jan 20th. The purpose of the meeting is to introduce the development of blockchain business in both China and Europe and exploring business opportunities for European blockchain companies in China.

Har du hentet Udenrigsministeriets ”Rejseklar”-app?
Der er god hjælp at hente i vores gratis app, Rejseklar, hvor vi har samlet alt, hvad du skal vide om udlandsophold, så det er nemt at finde og bruge.

Her er 5 ting, du skal vide om Rejseklar:

1.Du kan finde alle vores rejsevejledninger direkte i app’en.
2.Det er nemt at tilmelde sig Danskerlisten i app’en. Når du er tilmeldt, kan vi komme i kontakt med dig, hvis der opstår en større krise som f.eks. en naturkatastrofe, et terrorangreb eller politiske uroligheder.
3.Hvis der pludseligt opstår en krise i det land, du er i, kan vi sende dig en push-besked med vigtig information om, hvad du kan gøre.
4,App’en har kontaktoplysninger til nærmeste danske ambassade eller konsulat, uanset hvor i verden du befinder dig.
5.Du kan læse om, hvad du kan gøre, hvis du f.eks. bliver syg, udsat for røveri eller får problemer på rejsen.
Hvert år hjælper vi flere tusinde danskere, når uheldet er ude. Med Rejseklar, kan vi bedre hjælpe dig.
Rejseklar findes til smartphones og kan hentes gratis i App Store til iPhone eller Google Play til Android.
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VL Gruppe i Shanghai

Dansk Selskab for Virksomhedsledelse (VL) er et globalt netværk af dansktalende virksomhedsledere. VL gruppen i Shanghai mødes 6-8 gange om året for at udveksle arbejdsmæssige erfaringer og udfordringer. Vi er knap 30 medlemmer men har plads til flere. Hvis det har interesse kan mere information findes paa Formanden for VL71, Nikolaj Moesgaard kan kontaktes paa


Welcome to the New Members:

New Corporate Members:

Royal Greenland A/S

Royal Greenland A/S was established in 1774 and 100% owned by Greenland government. It has been appointed Purveyor to the Royal Danish Court. We are also the largest employer in Greenland, have more than 2200 employees in 17 countries. As the global largest cold-water prawns and Greenland halibut supplier, Royal Greenland A/S is a truly vertically integrated company combined fishing with processing and sales, committing to controlling over the value chain which can be fully traced. Royal Greenland A/S has a strong position in the international markets. Our version is to be the North Atlantic Champion. To us this means being closest to the fish, closest to the customers and closest to the consumers. For decades, we are strive to bring high-quality seafood from the North Atlantic and the Arctic Ocean to consumers around the global.

Direct Link – Part of PostNord

Direct Link creates borderless e-commerce solutions for global delivery. We customize solutions that expand our clients’​ markets worldwide. We know there are no standardized needs in deliveries. That´s why we will never settle for standardized solutions. So instead of owning an array of planes, trucks and ships, we are experts in finding the best possible delivery solutions for our clients. The solutions that matter now and make a difference tomorrow. We may be small, but we bring something big. Our delivery is your success. We are experts in borderless e-commerce solutions for global deliveries. We offer customized B2C delivery solutions and distribute your goods and direct mail to every address in the world – light goods directly to your customer’s mailbox. As a part of PostNord, the leading supplier of communication and logistics solutions in the Nordics, we combine entrepreneurial flexibility with corporate stability.

New Individual Member:
Gunnhild a Rogvi Olsen
Nikolaj Moesgaard


Upcoming Events

February 2     DCCC & DCBF webinar: Food Safety and Crisis Management During COVID-19
February 9     DCCC & DCBF webinar: Green: China 2030/60
February 16   DCCC & DCBF webinar: How Climate Change Adaptation in China Creates Business  Opportunities in Denmark
February 23   DCCC & DCBF webinar: Chinese Agriculture’s new Course towards Higher Efficiency and Environmental Concerns
February 25   Team Management – Managing Expectations and Goals
March 2         DCCC & DCBF webinar: Understanding Patent Protection and the Revised Patent Law of the PRC from 1 June 2021
March 16       DCCC & DCBF webinar: Introduction to and Possible Applications of Industry 4.0/CM2025
March 24       Annual General Meeting

To sign up for any of the above events please go to our home page:
Our Partners


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