Newsletter January 2022

Dear Members & Friends,

2022 brings the Year of the Tiger. From DCCC we will like to wish all of our members and friends a year of bravery and strength!

Welcome to the first letter from the Danish Chamber of Commerce in China in the year of the Tiger. Also the first letter ever from the all China DCCC board & Chairman.
A new year means new beginnings, challenges but definitely also new opportunities.

In this letter, I will try to summarize some key events of 2021 and also touch upon what we will be looking forward to in 2022.

In 2021 China celebrated the 100th Birthday of the Communist Party of China. 2021 also marked the beginning of China’s 14th Five-Year Plan and maybe most notably the launch of China’s dual circulation strategy, which seeks to spur China’s domestic demand while simultaneously developing conditions to facilitate foreign investment and boost production for export – a shift towards becoming a demand and innovation-driven economy. Although it seem like it, this is a not a inwards-looking strategy, but a shift where focus is on tapping into China’s internal consumption patterns and domestic markets all the while aiming to buffer the impact of global economic headwinds and unpredictable external events on China’s economic and financial stability.

From a business perspective we have seen an initial strong recovery in Chinese economy and many Danish companies are reporting good growth and a positive near-term outlook as well as further investments in China in both manufacturing and sales channels. At the same time most industries have been hit with one supply chain disruption after another – power shortages, congestions in US ports, all sorts of Covid caused delays, shutdowns, restrictions, limitations and uncertainties. The general global shipping & transportation crises has affected many of us, and is expected to continuing doing so far into 2022. Due to the Covid restrictions on travel to China, we can also see a growing disconnect between company headquarters in Denmark and us on the ground in China. The level of complexity level for running a business is certainly not getting smaller.
The Chinese economy as such reported a growth of 8.1%, but the second half cooled and 2022 will probably see a slower growth rate at an expected 5%.

As for the Danish Chamber of Commerce in China the most noteworthy achievement was that on 8 December 2021 joined the North, East & South Chambers were officially joined into one united chamber, all under the license under the Ministry of Civil affairs in Beijing (only 16 countries have this license). We will still be keeping the regional boards and activities – but a united chamber means that we stand much stronger and can use and share synergies across the country and across borders. The first Danish Chamber of commerce was established in 1926, and there has since been many smaller and bigger Danish chambers around the country in different periods – but this new united All China Chamber is the first time that we are all one, so it is quite a historic accomplishment.

In 2021 the Danish Chamber of Commerce in China welcomed 49 new members and associates. We held 141 events in total with 3200+ attendees online and offline. We received a record amount of nominations for the Business Person of the Year event and held a spectacular gala at the original historic Shanghai Chamber of Commerce building. Our combined Wechat accounts have a total of 4743 followers, with 1003 new followers gained alone in 2021. We held 2 training programs with 40+ participants on the topics of Team Management and the Positive Impact of Emotional Intelligence.
The secretariats in Beijing and Shanghai have done a wonderful job in 2021 and has also grown a lot with the increased level of activity and the adaption to becoming one united chamber. I would like to express a great thank you to everyone who has worked hard to make this possible, including all our members and supporters. 2021 has been a big year for us.

What can we expect for 2022?

First of all, Covid and supply chain disruptions are not going away any time soon. We will have to live with the difficulties, and opportunities, that this creates. Travel restrictions will impact most of us, and we may feel further apart from family and friends. Climate change will continue to impact our lives, and entirely new challenges may arrive in 2022. The business climate will continue to be tough and complex.
We can also expect a continuous difficult political environment between China and the West, and most probably what the experts call “Constructive Decoupling” within certain sectors. 2022 is also the year with the Winter Olympics, and in the fall the very important 20th CPC party congress will take place, and there will be changes in the national Chinese leadership. The preparations for this have already been under way throughout the country during much of 2021.

As for DCCC, the 3 regional boards, the main board and the secretariats are pushing ahead with lots of new initiatives and excitement for the chamber in 2022. We will complete a rebranding of the chamber, we will improve, focus and optimize events to be more focused and relevant for all our members. And we will do more to work much closer with other chambers, DCBF, the Nordic chambers in China and EUCCC.
Despite being fewer Danes in China, we will continue to expand our memberships and focus on engaging more employees from our member companies, by having them join events and becoming active in the chamber.

As for Danish businesses across China, being agile, flexible, innovative and finding our way in the uncertain landscape is the way to go. Historically Danish businesses have been strong adapters, we are used to the fact that we are not necessarily calling the shots, but we always find our ways within the given situation. Working closely together with our stakeholders, customers, employees and each other can both strengthen the business and our performance levels.

Tigers are considered to be brave, cruel, forceful and fearless. 2022 is the year of the Water Tiger, a year of all types of extremes, expansion and competition. The Tiger encompasses all the traits of a leader: logical, determined, strong self-confidence, ability to overcome fear and naturally takes risks while also successfully helping others.

Personal and organizational agility, working closely together, helping each other, being brave and determined will make this a great year for us all!

Welcome to the Year of the Tiger!

Simon Lichtenberg
All China Chairman
Danish Chamber of Commerce in China


Update from the Consulate 

Trade Council China, Shanghai
Visiting the Most Trendy E-Commerce Platform POIZON (得物)
The Shanghai Trade Council team and Commercial Consul Jesper Halle met up with the management of most trendy e-commerce platform POIZON (得物). As the leading fashion & lifestyle online marketplace in China with innovative business mode, POIZON (得物) has strong collaboration opportunities with Danish brands.
Innovation Centre Denmark, Shanghai
University Start-Up World Cup
USWC gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to expand their network, win cash prizes and the award as the world’s best university start-up. All the 100 start-ups shared the common goal of making a positive impact in the world. Find more information here (in Danish): Innovation Centre Denmark fejrer unge entreprenører over hele verden (
Sino- Danish Sustainable Development Forum Packaging & Circular Economy
To follow up our Sustainable Packaging Event with, ICDK Shanghai published an article emphasizing Danish innovation can reduce China’s plastic consumption (in Danish): Dansk innovation kan mindske Kinas plastikforbrug – Mandag Morgen – Uafhængigt innovationshus. Analyser og ny viden. ( In addition, the article was featured on the Danish media Plast Forum encouraging Danish companies to collaborate in develop the food delivery industry towards greater circularity: Kina kæmper med gigantisk plast-forbrug – du kan blive en del af løsningen – PlastForum DK
SDC-Students in Denmark
The next semester is approaching for a large group of SDC students. Although still facing online lectures due to travel-restrictions, their motivation and desire on working with Danish companies in China have never been greater. Feel free to reach out to ICDK Shanghai if you are interested in collaborating with students on projects and cases.
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  4. App’en har kontaktoplysninger til nærmeste danske ambassade eller konsulat, uanset hvor i verden du befinder dig.
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Update from Danes Worldwide

Apply for a Scholarship to Attend the Online Courses
One of the objectives of the Danes Worldwide language courses offered online is to strengthen the participants’ relationship with Denmark. Going beyond those special sounds in the Danish language or conjugating verbs, the courses provide insight into the culture and society of Denmark.
Thanks to donations, scholarships are available for the online courses at all levels (Danish for Beginners, Intermediate Danish, and School Level Danish).
To apply, please complete an application form to submit information about your family, its financial circumstances, its connection to Denmark, and similar details. Find out more about the scholarships (text in Danish) and access the application form here 
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