Newsletter July 2021

Chairman’s Corner

August 2nd, 2021

Dear DCCC Members,

The humid early summer 黄梅天 ‘plum season’ is finally over – and we got the big In-fa typhoon with us as a bargain right at the end. Now the real summer heat is upon us – not sure which one is better or worse, but I guess we are all used to it.

Some of our members have chosen to take a trip to Denmark for the summer – and many more have chosen a vacation to one of the myriads of natural wonders of China, that so many have never seen. In that sense, COVID is helping us explore new places in China, the country that has hosted us for so many years.

The summer is as usual low on chamber events, but we have had a few:

We had a Nanjing investment conference on July 13th and we have started the first event in the series ‘Sharp Minds’ on July 29th. The event was with the brilliant and inspiring marketer and writer Jacob Johansen and it also included the official launch of his new book: From Customer to User.  A lot of insights into consumer minds and also a ton of China experience and its relevance. Somehow turning the tables and disrupting the thinking around modern day consumer needs and behaviors.

August is coming up with the first ‘Mega City’ event on how Shanghai ‘s traffic is organized behind the scenes. Inspired by the utter chaos in the global shipping and forwarding market, we are also organizing a ‘The Global Shipping Chaos & Outlook’ event planned for August.

We at DCCC wish you the very best summer and a great time … looking forward to more participation this fall. We would like to remind you that not only the top leaders of our member companies are welcome at our events, but many of staff and managers from members companies are invited and welcome to participate in relevant events.

The warmest summer greetings!

Simon Lichtenberg

Chairman, DCCC East

Upcoming events at DCCC East

Click on the event title to sign up!

– 4 August | Online & Offline Event
Travel and Immigration Policies: Updates, Trends, and Implications
Collaborating with the European Chamber, we are bringing you a session on travel and immigration policies in China with Ray Xia, Global Mobility Manager, PwC and Jenny Wang, Senior Manager, Fragomen.

– 5 August | DCCC Young Professionals event
Pub Quiz with Nordic YP 
DCCC Yong Professionals is collaborating with the other Nordic YPs to invite you to a pub quiz at Nordic Fika. Join us for a fun evening with old and new friends!

– 9 August | The Sustainability Forum:  3 Revolutionary Eco-Friendly Solutions
Are you curious about how some companies are driving the push towards sustainability in China? The DCCC has partnered up with Wo-men in Sustainability to explore eco-friendly solutions that we hope will change the consumerist landscape and create positive impact on our environment.

– 17 August | A Bold Move: IPO in China
Collaborating with SwedCham, the DCCC brings you with a seminar about IPO in China with Sean Ni, Senior Associate at Nordic Match, and Daniel Öhvall, Counsel at Ashurst.

– 20 August | Danish Friday
Stay tuned for more information about the August Version of Danish Friday!

– To be confirmed | MEGA City event: How traffic is controlled in a Mega city
How is Shanghai organizing its traffic as a mega city behind the scenes? Stay tuned for more information about this event!

– To be confirmed | Round Table: The Global Shipping Chaos & Outlook
What is the status of the shipping market during a rather chaotic period of time of the world? Stay tuned for more details!

Danes Worldwide

New course: Danish for Beginners 2

Danes Worldwide now offers a new course: Danish for Beginners 2 – designed for anyone aged 10 and up. We recommend that younger students be assisted by an adult during the course.

Danish for Beginners 2 continues Danish for Beginners (CEFR level A1). If you have some knowledge of Danish corresponding to level A1, you may enroll in Danish for Beginners 2 without taking the Danish for Beginners course.

This course will suit those who do speak some Danish but have never learned grammar or who have not practiced speaking and writing.

Danish for Beginners 2 is suitable for those who need a great deal of flexibility. Each week during the course, a new set of assignments gets issued, and students may work at their convenience. All instructions for the assignments are in English and Danish.

Find out more about Danish for Beginners 2 here and sign up here.

Royal Danish Consulate

Consulate General
On 29-30 July Consul General Mr. Jakob Linulf visited the Nanyuan Village in Jiangxi Province to know more about their sustainable farming project to help rural farmers. The Consul General also had meetings with local authorities of Yifeng County to talk about Ecological agriculture, environment and tourism.

Trade Council China, Shanghai
On Monday 26 July the CIIE bureau invited the Consulate General to a pre-matchmaking event for Chinese trading companies and organizations. A unique opportunity to promote the participating Danish companies to potential buyers.

Invest in Denmark
IDK cleantech team went to China Offshore Wind Summit in mid-July, the annual gathering with top China Wind Supply Chain and seek investment opportunities in future in wind industry in China.

The Invest in Denmark and Innovation Centre’s Tech team visited the third Shenzhen International Digital Audio Industry Exhibition on July 30, where they joined the international digital audio technology exchange conference “Intelligent Leading Times, Sound Creates the Future” with focus on technological innovation achievements and future development trend in the field of digital science and technology.

Culture events
On 1 July, the Consulate General hosted a Danish film evening for. The next film event will be in last August or early September.

Innovation Centre Denmark upcoming events
On 30 August to September 1st the Innovation Centre Denmark, Shanghai and Innovation Centre Seoul will host a VR Edtech Innovation Camp. It is a three-day camp where four Danish Edtech start-ups will be able to pitch and match-make with Chinese/Korean panellists in immersive VR environment.

Upcoming event list

8/4  Travel and Immigration Policies: Updates, Trends, and Implications
8/5  Pub Quiz with Nordic YP 
8/9  The Sustainability Forum:  3 Revolutionary Eco-Friendly Solutions
8/17 A Bold Move: IPO in China
8/20 Danish Friday (location TBD)
– MEGA City: How Traffic is Controlled in a Mega City
– Round Table: The Global Shipping Chaos & Outlook

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