Newsletter March/April 2018

Chairman’s Corner – Poul G. Kristensen
Dear Members and Friends of DCCC,

 As already announced the 15th March 2018 we held our Annual General Meeting in Shanghai. For the AGM this year we had 41 participants (17 individual and 24 corporate) plus 13 Proxy given to some of the participants. That means 37 (the highest number ever) corporate members were represented at the election of the new Board and voting for the By-laws.

 The suggested amendments to our Bylaws were approved by 2/3 of the corporate members represented at the AGM. And all the 14 nominees were elected to the Board. The new Board consist of 6 “old members” that also were there last year and 8 new members. Furthermore the YP (Young Professionals) Chairman is now a voting member of the DCCC board and we still have the honor of counting Nicolai Prytz (the Danish Consul in Shanghai) as our honorary member.

This Board is the largest ever and probably the most diversified we had had. Our Board members are more or less representing all the different Danish industries / interests and groups, therefore we are looking forward to see them all in action to the benefit of our members. Below you can see the list with all the members of the new Board.

 At the Annual General Meeting held on 15th March 2018, the board managing the daily affairs of the Chamber were elected as follows:

Chairman:                             Poul G. Kristensen

Vice Chairman:                     Christy Chen Møller

Treasurer:                              Niels Roed

Secretary:                              Echo Zhao


Member:                                 Ida Speyer

Member:                                 Janus Castro Grimnitz       

Member:                                 Simon Lichtenberg

Member:                                 Emil Hauch Jensen

Member:                                 Jan Peutzfeldt

Member:                                 Ole Esben Sørensen

Member:                                 Frede Juulsen

Member:                                 Mads Harder Mikkelsen

Member:                                 Steffen Schiottz-Christensen

Member:                                 Kasper Holst Kristensen


YP-representative:   Alexander Stig Gamborg

Honorary Member:   Nicolai Prytz

I will use this opportunity to thanks all the former, the remaining and the new members of our Board, because with their participation, work and support they make possible for DCCC to keep existing for our members and developing to new highs.

During the AGM we had the pleasure of had Lambert Bu that is a Partner in McKinsey’s Shanghai office and made an amazing interactive presentation about the Digital China.

Please mark these events in your calendar.

Welcome back BBQ 07/09/2018

BPOY 03/11/2018

X-mas Party 08/12/2018


Sincerely yours,

Poul G.  Kristensen 


Save the Dates!

Welcome Back BBQ     :  Sept 7, 2018

BPOY 2018                   :  Nov 3, 2018

Danish Christmas Party : Dec 8, 2018


Did you miss any of our events in February/March?
Here are some highlights:
DCCC Events

Danish Friday at Terry & Loo on the 9th of February

(Photos by Terry & Loo)

International Women’s Day Breakfast & Inspiring Talks
on the 7th of March at Hooked

(Photos by Maria)

Annual General Meeting on the 15th of March
at the Radisson Blu New World Hotel

( Photos by Maria & Laura)

Danish Friday on the 16th of March at Little Creatures 

(Photos by Christy & Maria)

A Rapidly Changing World – Danish Interests and Cooperation
with China by Ambassador A. Carsten Damsgaard
on the 20th of March at the Consul General’s Residence

(Photos by Maria)

Danish Easter Lunch on the 24th of March at Mi Thai  

(Photos by Mark)                                                                                

We are pleased to welcome our new members:

Corporate Member:

CoastZone is customized team building. We are mindful of the individual talent, the purpose of your team and the strategy of your company. With this in mind we move your team to High Performance.  At CoastZone we know that all journeys start with a single step. We enter your world with respect for your business to explore the opportunities for team synergies. Our first step to unchain the resources of your organization. We are a team of passionate people fully equipped with professional tools to work with your organization. We develop your team to make a lasting impact where it matters.

Asian Tigers Mobility
Asian Tigers Mobility is an international moving & relocation company, recognized as a market leader.      With offices in 14 countries across Asia and over 1500 staff on the ground and affiliations with more than 500 global partners we can offer our clients both in-depth local knowledge and a worldwide service scope. Our China offices were established in 1988 and now cover 10 cities across the country.

Nilfisk is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of professional cleaning equipment. Riding on more than a century deep customer insights, we develop and manufacture high quality products that represent the latest technology and innovation and offer the widest product range in the industry. We have sales companies and dealers in more than 120 countries around the world to provide high quality sales and after-sales service. Nilfisk is a part of the NKT Group.

Individual Members
1. Aage  Nellemann Hansen
2. Brian Rausner
3. Jane Christoffersen


Upcoming Events

April 10                      An Evening Full of Blockchain Talks
April 19                       Emerging Leaders: Working Globally: Focus on Nordic Culture
April 20                      It’s a GRUNDFOS Danish Friday
April 24                      Recovery of Data & Evidences: Discovery of Digital Forensic
April 26                      Eat Your Way To Success
May 10                       Return of the Vikings – Nordic Leadership in the times of extreme change
May 18                       Danish Friday by YP
May 22                       Emerging Leaders : Effective Communication
June 15                      Danish Friday
June 26                     Emerging Leaders: Know Your Own Strengths
Aug 17                        Danish Friday
Sept 7                         Welcome Back BBQ
Sept 21                       Danish Friday
Oct 19                         Danish Friday
Nov 3                         BPOY 2018 at Jing An Shangrila Hotel
Nov 16                       Danish Friday
Dec 8                         Danish Christmas Party at Henkes

To sign up for any of the above events please go to our home page:


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