Newsletter May 2020

Chairman’s Corner – Kim Scheibel

Dear Members and Friends of DCCC,

Time is flying when you are having fun …… I was personally up flying for the first time in 3 months after having been Covid-19 grounded since Chinese New Year, for the Ground breaking ceremony of one of our two new factories to be build in China.

In respect of social distancing then the Coronavirus does not seem to have had any influence on my fellow flying companions – there was the usual shuffling and pushing getting on and off the plane, but I guess this is China in a nutshell – get up and run as fast as you can, new business opportunities are just around the corner.

Many of our Members are still stranded outside of China with boarders completely closed off for entering of foreign nationals, which unfortunately does not see to change in the foreseeable future. Some may have read that the German Chamber is trying to arrange a flight to China with German Executives, we are following the development very closely to see if this is something we eventually could copy, but it may also just be a sign for all of us, that there hopefully soon will be made changes to the boarder opening, with the German initiative just being a sign of good gesture from China to the world.

For those of us who have stayed in China through the Covid-19, then it is so nice to experience that we can more or less do everything we could prior. Out of respect to the general public, then we are though still wearing face masks, even though the requirement have been lifted since 9th May in outdoor public places.

It has been great to follow the growing number of Webinars which we have held and that everyone is getting more used to “participate” on-line, the biggest advantage with this format is that it does not matter where you are located as long as you have access to the Internet you can participate. And then you do not have to waste hours of commuting in Shanghai’s ever  increasing traffic. See the entire list of past and upcoming Webinars below.

It will be interesting to see what the summer will bring those of us who usually go back to Denmark on our annual summer vacation, but with current re-entry ban, then it might be time to make some local exploration trips around China, which as you probably all know offers some fantastic nature/scenery. But before we head off in different direction, then please do not forget to sign up (if not already done) to our Summer BBQ on 13th June at Big Bamboo, where we will taste all the goodies from Danish Crown – that is going to be a great evening in Shanghai together with friends and families.

During May we held many Webinar events:
6th May – DCCC & DCBF Webinars: How will China Stimulate the Economy in Reaction to the Covid-19
12th May – DCCC & DCBF Webinars: How can Lifestyle and Design Companies use Blockchain: Pros & Cons?
13th May – How Can You Get New Clients on LinkedIn
14th May – DCCC & DCBF Webinars: Salary and HR Trends in China
26th May – DCCC & DCBF Webinars: IPR protection in China

Upcoming Webinars / events in June, please reserve the following dates:
2nd June – DCCC & DCBF Webinars: B2C-ecommerce: Kids Zoo Vitamin Case
5th June –  Nordic Afterwork in Suzhou
9th June – DCCC & DCBF Webinars: How COVID-19 is Shaping Up China’s Corporate Social Credit Score
13th June – DCCC Summer BBQ
16th June – DCCC & DCBF Webinars: B2C-ecommerce: Skin Care Case
23rd June – DCCC & DCBF Webinars: Numbers behind the Covid-19 Statistics

We welcome our new member:
individual members:
Birger Jensen
Gert Sorensen

Remember to follow our activities on our homepage  as well through WeChat. You can also follow DCCC Beijing & DCC-SC, and if you decide to participate at theirs events, you will just pay the normal member fee.

See you all after the Summer,
Kim Scheibel
DCCC EC – Chairman


Danes Worldwide Corner

Scholarships for Online Courses

Danes Worldwide provides online instruction in the Danish language at three levels – Beginners, Intermediate, and School Level. These courses are designed for children and adults alike, from beginners on up.

The content of the courses goes beyond words and grammar to include the culture of Denmark, its national heritage and values, and the structure of its society. Course participants get a look at daily life in Denmark and learn about key events in the history of the country.

Danes Worldwide is pleased to be in a position to grant a number of scholarships for these courses.

The deadline for applying is 1 August 2020. Download the application form and find out more about the scholarships here (the text is in Danish).


Update from the Royal Danish Consulate – May 2020

70th anniversary of diplomatic relations
70 years ago, on 11 May 1950, Denmark and the People’s Republic of China formally exchanged notes of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries. This anniversary was celebrated online together with the Consulates Generals from Guangzhou and Chongqing, where Ambassador A. Carsten Damsgaard broadcasted his speech from the Danish Embassy in Beijing.

Visit to Dindong Maicai
Dingdong Maicai is a fresh produce and grocery e-commerce platform, that lets their users place orders online with delivery to their doorstep within 29 minutes. Consul General Jakob Linulf met with their founder and top management, where they agreed to set up a Danish partnership. Together with Vice President of Danish Crown China, Søren Tinggaard, Danish Crown was introduced as the first member with access to millions of new customers.

Delegation visit Nanjing, Lishui
With daily life gradually returning to normalcy, Consul General Jakob Linulf led a delegation visiting Nanjing, Lishui together with Danish company VELUX meeting with representatives from Nanjing Lishui’s Science and Technology Bureau, Urban Rural Development Bureau and Urban Construction Groups.

Nanjing Lishui has committed themselves to develop a 200,000 sqm development zone based on a health-oriented ecosystem and green buildings and welcomes Danish companies to contribute their solutions.

Green Transition Booming the Village Economy at Yucun, Huzhou, Zhejiang
Consul General Jakob Linulf paid his green visit to Yucun, to show Denmark’s respect to the Chinese green transformation achievement in the rural area.
Huzhou, placed in the south of Lake Tai, is an ecological development oriented city. The mayor of Huzhou municipality encourages mutual cities communication and exchange, and welcomes green cooperation from Denmark especially with focus on circular economy and energy efficiency.

Denmark in Suzhou
Consul General Jakob Linulf made a visit to Suzhou, where 70 Danish companies are currently doing business. Meetings with both OVODAN and Oriental showed that even though the pandemic is still ongoing, they are getting back on track. The business framework was also on the agenda with Suzhou’s vice-mayor.

New e-commerce opportunities for Danish brands
Pinduoduo is a fast growing Chinese interactive e-commerce platform, that allows users to participate in group buying deals. The company has within five years reached 600 million active buyers, which makes them second biggest e-commerce platform, only surpassed by the tech giant Alibaba.

Consul General Jakob Linulf and E-commerce team met with the management of the company to talk about a future collaboration. It was decided that the Danish Consulate General in Shanghai would work closely together with the growing e-commerce platform to introduce new Danish companies to the Chinese consumers, as well as boost existing ones.

Digital events on the rise
To deliver quality events during the pandemic, the Danish Consulate General in Shanghai is gearing up with professional broadcasting equipment. The latest event was hosted by Innovation Centre Denmark in Shanghai, where two VIP guests was invited inside our homemade studio to talk about the rising industry of EdTech (educational technology). Invest in Denmark together with State of Green and Wind Denmark hosted webinar “Green transition of Denmark and the Danish Wind Power now and future”, coming up there would be series webinars regarding Acoustics, PTX etc., please stay tuned.

Har du hentet Udenrigsministeriets ”Rejseklar”-app?
Der er god hjælp at hente i vores gratis app, Rejseklar, hvor vi har samlet alt, hvad du skal vide om udlandsophold, så det er nemt at finde og bruge.

Her er 5 ting, du skal vide om Rejseklar:

1.Du kan finde alle vores rejsevejledninger direkte i app’en.
2.Det er nemt at tilmelde sig Danskerlisten i app’en. Når du er tilmeldt, kan vi komme i kontakt med dig, hvis der opstår en større krise som f.eks. en naturkatastrofe, et terrorangreb eller politiske uroligheder.
3.Hvis der pludseligt opstår en krise i det land, du er i, kan vi sende dig en push-besked med vigtig information om, hvad du kan gøre.
4,App’en har kontaktoplysninger til nærmeste danske ambassade eller konsulat, uanset hvor i verden du befinder dig.
5.Du kan læse om, hvad du kan gøre, hvis du f.eks. bliver syg, udsat for røveri eller får problemer på rejsen.
Hvert år hjælper vi flere tusinde danskere, når uheldet er ude. Med Rejseklar, kan vi bedre hjælpe dig.
Rejseklar findes til smartphones og kan hentes gratis i App Store til iPhone eller Google Play til Android.
For more news from the Consulate General in Shanghai subscribe at our website or find us on Facebook and Weibo – – –
Gruppe for virksomhedsledere i Shanghai (VL)

Kære dansktalende virksomhedsleder.
VL71 er en gren af VL Danmark og dermed et globalt netværk af dansktalende virksomhedsledere som mødes 6-8 gange om året for at udveksle arbejdsmæssige erfaringer og udfordringer. Vi er pt næsten 30 medlemmer men søger hele tiden flere. Kontakt evt for yderligere info og læs mere om VL på


New Individual Members

Birger Jensen
Gert Sorensen


Upcoming Events

June 2      DCCC & DCBF Webinars: B2C-ecommerce: Kids Zoo Vitamin Case
June 5      Nordic Afterwork in Suzhou
June 9      DCCC & DCBF Webinars: How COVID-19 is Shaping Up China’s Corporate Social Credit Score
June 13    DCCC Summer BBQ
June 16    DCCC & DCBF Webinars: B2C-ecommerce: Skin Care Case
June 23    DCCC & DCBF Webinars: Numbers behind the Covid-19 Statistics

To sign up for any of the above events please go to our home page:
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