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Chairman’s Corner – Poul G. Kristensen

Dear Members and Friends of DCCC,

October has been a month with a lot of preparations for our biggest event the BPOY Gala dinner.

Anyway we hold our TMT training, an event about “Air, water & energy in China”, “How changing one word will transform your business” and “New operating system for manufacturing”, bringing light about how to ensure that when you implement change management in a company, it will grow into the organization.

Furthermore we also had a different DCCC Danish Friday the 19th of October at Maya, since this time we had the winner of BPOY 2017, John Markmann to share the challenges of doing business in China.

Looking forward to see you all the 3th of November at the Gala Dinner for BPOY 2018.

Remember to follow our activities in our homepage as well through WeChat. You can also follow DCCC Beijing & DCC-SC, and if you decide to participate at theirs events, you will just pay the normal member fee.

Remember to reserve the below dates:

X-mas Party 08/12/2018

We welcome our new members: Mustad Fishing Tackle Wuxi.


Sincerely Yours,

Poul G. Kristensen

Danes Worldwide Corner 

Unemployment Insurance Benefits


Early in 2018, the Government and the Danish People’s Party reached an agreement to fund certain tax relief measures in Denmark. The agreement included a proposal pertaining to unemployment insurance benefits stipulating that a recipient must have resided in Denmark for 7 out of the last 8 years in order to qualify for the benefits – even if he or she is a member of, and has made payments to, an unemployment insurance plan.

Danes Worldwide expects that such a requirement will have negative consequences for tens of thousands of our members. Since the publication of the proposal, we have expressed our firm opposition to it and have communicated with the politicians responsible for their parties’ labor market portfolios as to the untoward consequences of the proposal.  It received first reading in Parliament on 23 October. Only a few votes (from the Socialist People’s Party, the Danish Social Liberal Party, the Red-Green Alliance, and the Alternative) were not in favor, and the proposal was forwarded to committee.  Any revision will be made public only on or about 28 November if the parties agree to a change in the residency requirement.  Read the full text of the proposal (in Danish) here:


Update from the Royal Danish Consulate

October edition updates

Busy month for the consul general

Since Mr. Jakob Linulf was inaugurated as Consul General September 1, the Consul General has been engaged in LEGO store opening, promotion of the Danish Pavilion on T-Mall, attending the 69th anniversary of the Peoples Republic of China, and speaking at the 3rd anniversary of the Danish inspired elderly care centre Yiheyuan and preparation of the upcoming China International Import Expo.

Panel debate – applied artificial intelligence in china

Innovation Centre Denmark, Shanghai (ICDK) hosted a panel debate about Applied Artificial Intelligence in China with the Danish Academy of Technical Science guested. Danish Academy of Technical Sciences was in Shanghai to study the rollout of the city’s ambitious artificial intelligence plan.

The Danish Academy of Technical Science participated in a panel debate and discussion at ICDK with representatives from Shanghai’s artificial intelligence ecosystem including investors, professors and entrepreneurs as a part of their 5-day study tour around China.

Movie night at the consulate general

75 people signed up for the screening of Kaspar Astrup Schröder’s documentary about the Danish architect Bjarke Ingels. The documentary, BIG TIME, follows Bjarke Ingels during the course of 7 years (2009-2016), while he struggles to finish his biggest project so far, a new world trade tower in New York City. The audience is let into Bjarke Ingels’ creative processes as well as the endless compromises that his work entails.

The Consulate General made sure that there was popcorn for everyone, and we are looking forward seeing you to movie night in December 

China International Import Expo

Due to the China International Import Expo (CIIE) Ms. Ulla Tørnæs the Minister of Development Cooperation will pay a visit to Shanghai. Ms. Ulla Tørnæs will be opening the Danish National Pavilion.

Besides visiting several Danish’s booths at the expo, Ms. Ulla Tørnæs is attending DCCC’s Business Person of the Year Gala Ball where she will announce the winner of the award. Furthermore, she will also be attending various side-events. Among these a seminar on gender equality, which will be held at Sunday 4 November (for further information contact, and a networking dinner with Danish companies at Henkes Monday 5 November (for further information contact

For more details please click on here



Did you miss any of our events in October?
Here are some highlights:
DCCC Events
From Customer to User:
How Changing One Word Will Transform Your Business
on the 18th of October at Wework Weihai lu

(Photos by Laura)

His 5 Challenges at Danish Friday
on the 19th of October at MAYA

(Photos by Maria)

Do We Know Enough about
Our Building’s Air, Water & Energy Consumption
on the 17th of October at WeWork Yanping lu 

(Photos by Maria)

          New Operating System for Manufacturing 
on the 25th of October at Wework Huai Hai Zhong lu

(Photos by Maria)


We are pleased to welcome our new members:

Corporate Member:

Mustad Fishing Tackle(Wuxi) Co., Ltd

Established in Gjøvik, Norway in 1832 as a small nail and wire factory. Today’s factory in China is not only the main manufacturing unit within Mustad group, but also among the largest manufacturer of sport and commercial fish hooks in the World. More than 90% of the production is exported to over 160 countries in the World.


Upcoming Events


Nov 3                        BPOY 2018 at Jing An Shangrila Hotel
Nov 11                      Prada Rong Zhi On-Site Visit
Nov 16                      Danish Friday by YP

Nov 28                      TM Training: Performance & Forman Feedback Meeting
Dec 5                        InterChamber Christmas Mixer

Dec 8                        Danish Christmas Party at Henkes

To sign up for any of the above events please go to our home page:

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