Newsletter October 2017

Chairman’s Corner – Poul G. Kristensen 

Dear Members and Friends of DCCC,

After a long summer break, we are back strong with so much events and historical good news for the months of August & September.

Our first event after the summer holiday was on the 18th  of August which was the Danish Friday at Maya. On the 1st of September , we had 1 of the 3 biggest events of DCCC every year which was the Welcome Back BBQ at Lil Laundry. We had a breaking record of attendance this year and we hope to continue this great turn out.

We had a mix crowd of old & new DCCC members and their friends plus newly arrived Danes starting their lives in Shanghai. We enjoyed a night of a delicious buffet of  BBQ meats and sides, overflowing supply of drinks, both alcholic & non-alcoholic, exciting lucky draw prizes and most importantly great company!

In September we had the following events: “Getting things done – The art of stress-free productivity”, September Danish Friday, “My 5 biggest mistakes and what I wish I knew then” with Steen Teisen & Allan Sand, “Impress with Chinese table manners” and lastly “Environmental Protection: How companies stay ahead of regulatory and Policy trends”.

And now for the historical news I mentioned earlier. I can proudly tell you all that starting September, all 3 chapters: Beijing, Shanghai and South China will be working as one  DCCC. This means that all will be acting together in connection with Danish/Chinese institutions, government and associations but will continue to operate independently and will abide by their own bylaws. The Chairmen of the 3 chapters will be electing one of them to be the Pan China Chairman for DCCC and represent us all. The 3 chairmen and each of their administration teams will have regular communication to coordinate the activities of DCCC. I would like  to thank the Board members of the 3 chapters and in particular the 2 other Chairmen: Jan Laegaard Broni and Jens Eskelund for their trust and support! I will do my best to enhance this opportunity together with all the board committees and members.

Looking forward to see you at our next events and wishing you all a great October holiday!
Sincerely Yours,

Poul G. Kristensen


Save the Date!
BPOY Gala Ball : Saturday 4th of November
Danish Christmas Party : Saturday 9th of December


Did you miss any of our events in August & September?
Here are some highlights:

DCCC Events
Danish Friday on the 18th of August at Maya 

(Photos by Maria Castro – Grimnitz )

Welcome Back BBQ on the 1st of September at Lil Laundry

(Photos by Maria Castro-Grimnitz)

Gettings Things Done: Stress Free
on the 14th of September at the Radisson Hotel 

(Photos by Maria Castro-Grimnitz)

Danish Friday on the 15th of September at Al’s Diner

(Photos by Maria Castro-Grimnitz)

My 5 Biggest Mistakes I Wish I Knew  on the 20th of September at DOC

(Photos by Maria)


Photos by Miia & Christy

We are pleased to welcome our new members:

Corporate Member:

Arla Foods

Arla Foods is the biggest dairy in Europe and the world biggest organic dairy, originating in Denmark, the country with the highest organic consumption in the world. Arla Baby&Me® organic baby formula is the most important nutritional products for young consumers’ health, and is thereby the ambassador for the vision of Arla: “creating the future of dairy” with full assortment of organic products from products for infant and young children to milk, cheese and butter. Based in Denmark Arla produce organic dairy products blessed with appoint of the Danish Royal Court.

At Arla, we believe in organic and are excited to share more and more organic dairy products with people all over the world everyday.

Dantrafo Electronics (Suzhou) Co.,Ltd.

During the recent 40 years DANTRAFO have earned a reputation as one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of transformers and coiled products.  Since its foundation in 1979 DANTRAFO have been striving to provide state of the art products and services, by systematically choosing the best materials and design principles and investing in the most advanced production equipment. The factories are ISO9000 certified securing that the products maintain a constant high quality level and all quality procedures are continuously followed. The foundation of Dantrafo Electronics Suzhou in China allows DANTRAFO to transfer production and know-how to a lower cost area and to follow global customers. Dantrafo Electronics Suzhou is a full service organization that serve local customers in all aspects and secure that future innovation can be initiated locally. Under the direct ownership DANTRAFO can ensure that the transfer of your project will be under full control.

New Individual Members:

Henrik Nygaard
Lars Battefeld
Thomas E. Andersen
Martin Lambertsen
Chenyang Wang

New Student Members:

Anna Bang

Lars Algayer
Mathias Thrane
JohanneSofie Kjaersgaard


Upcoming Events


  • Oct 17                               Cyber Crime and the Future of VPN in China
  • Oct 18                               Convert Social Content to Business Intent
  • Oct 19                               Effective Communication for Teams & Managers
  • Oct 20                               Danish Friday at Union Trading
  • Nov 4                                Business Person of the Year  2017 Gala Ball
  • Nov 17                              YP Danish Friday
  • Nov 22                              Coaching for Performance
  • Dec 9                                Danish Christmas Lunch

To sign up for any of the above events please go to our home page:


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