Newsletter September 2018

Chairman’s Corner – Poul G. Kristensen

Dear Members and Friends of DCCC,

Welcome back after the summer break!

We hope that you are all with fully “charged batteries”. And if you didn’t get the chance to recover during the summer time, you can still do it during the coming “Golden week”.

Even the summer months can be quiet, this year a lot of things happened in our small Danish community in Shanghai. Mostly from the Danish Consulate side that replaced the General Consul from Nicolai Prytz to Jakob Linulf, the Commercial Consul from Casper Freddie to Jesper Herold Halle, the Director of Innovation Centre Denmark from Morten Brandtoft to Søren Boutrup and the Direct of Invest in Denmark, Rasmus Grand Bjørnø to Jeppe Solmer

We had the pleasure of counting Nicolai Prytz as a very active member of our Board for 4 years and the opportunity of learning from him as well developing a lot of new things together. Now Nicolai is covering a new position in Brazil as the Danish Ambassador there and we wish him all the best in his new role.

We also welcome our new Consul General in Shanghai Mr. Jakob Linulf to Shanghai and to the Board of DCCC Shanghai. Jakob Linulf has actually been working in Beijing for the last years, so he has already a lot of China experience.

After many years of having Maersk housing the DCCC office in Shanghai, we are going to move to Prime Cargo this year. As a consequence of Maersk moving to new offices, some practical issues changed making our staying with Maersk more costly, therefore we decided to move to Prime Cargo located in Room 908, Spring International Plaza, 699 Zhao Hua road. We have signed an agreement with Prime Cargo for 5 years and should be moving in September.

I want to use this opportunity to extend our great thanks to Maersk for supporting and helpings us by housing the office of DCCC through so many years!

Since our last newsletter we have not been having so many activities because of the summer break. So now we started with the Welcome BBQ in Mayita Friday the 7th of September with the participation of the whole new team from the consulate:
the General Consul Jakob Linulf, the Commercial Consul Jesper Herold Halle, the Director of Innovation Centre Denmark from Søren Boutrup and the Direct of Invest in Denmark Jeppe Solmer.
We are very happy to get such a great support and participation from the Consulate and look forward to our cooperation with the whole team. Welcome everyone!

In connection with the gala for BPOY please remember that you can still nominate your candidates for Business Person of the Year, Entrepreneur of the Year and Young Professional of The Year.

Remember to follow our activities in our homepage as well through WeChat. You can also follow DCCC Beijing & DCC-SC, and if you decide to participate at theirs events, you will just pay the normal member fee.

Once again, we are still looking for sponsors for the BPOY that will be held the 3th of November. We will be very happy to hear from you also.

Remember to reserve the below dates:

BPOY 03/11/2018
X-mas Party 08/12/2018

Sincerely Yours,
Poul G. Kristensen


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Welcome Back BBQ Highlights:

(Photos by Mare)

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Danes Worldwide Corner

Input to Hearing on Unemployment Benefits

The Danish government and the Danish People’s Party entered into an agreement with respect to taxation regulations in February 2018. The agreement applies a residency requirement to those applying for unemployment benefits. By now, the agreement has been introduced as proposed legislation and is the subject of a legislative hearing. The proposed legislation introduces, in phases, a residency requirement. As of 2019, the applicant must have resided in Denmark or in a European Union member state for five out of the last eight years in order to be entitled to unemployment benefits. As of 2020, the requirement would be six out of the last eight years, and finally in 2021, the requirement would be seven out of the last eight years.

Certain types of residency abroad are deemed to be equivalent to residing in Denmark or the EU: Postings in the service of the government, working abroad for a Danish employer, appointments to a research post at a university abroad, studying abroad for the purposes of acquiring professional qualifications, and time spent abroad representing official Danish interests are situations deemed to be equivalent to having resided in Denmark or the EU. Hence these situations are not affected by the proposed legislation.

Danes Worldwide opposes the proposed legislation as it will have a negative impact on many of our members.  We are currently preparing a formal submission to the hearing.

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We are pleased to welcome our new members:

Individual Member:

Changying Xiang
Magnus Kaeldsoe Poulsen


Upcoming Events

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Nov 3                        BPOY 2018 at Jing An Shangrila Hotel
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Nov 28                     TM Training: Performance & Forman Feedback Meeting
Dec 5                        InterChamber Christmas Mixer
Dec 8                        Danish Christmas Party at Henkes

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