Newsletter September 2021

Board’s Corner

Shanghai, October 15, 2021

Dear DCCC members,

In the board, we are starting a new tradition in this space. You used to find the “Chairperson’s Corner” here. Now you will find the new “Board’s Corner”, where we as individual board members will take turns to share both a few personal reflections, while at the same time also give an update on the major events and coming activities in DCCC.

Being the first board member to have the privilege to write in this space, I wanted to share a reflection I had following the recent announcement from Beijing, aiming to limit children’s time spend on online gaming.

In isolation, this initiative could seem both strange and excessive. However, combined with another initiative to limit the market for children’s extra curriculum evening activities it starts to make more sense. Add to this the abandonment of the one child policy in 2016 and you will start to see a pattern. The ambition is to change the negative development in the birthrate. The aim is to support young couples in their dream to have a child and to build a family. Not just building a family, but also a family, where they have more opportunities to spend quality time together. The cost of raising a child in China’s major cities has simply increased too much for many couples to realize this dream. The quality family time has been diluted by the time consumed by the children’s gaming.

Being responsible for a business within the baby product sector in China/APAC, the development in number of newborns is naturally of very high interest to me. It should be for you as well. No matter what business you are in, this will eventually impact your business as well. It may take longer, depending on the nature of your business.

The number of newborns in China has fallen from 18 million babies in 2016 down to a predicted 11 million babies in 2021. It will be interesting to follow how the recent interventions from Beijing coupled with more initiatives to come will impact these numbers and eventually see them rise again. I personally believe the trend will change in the coming years in China.

As to the general activities in DCCC, September was characterized by a very high activity level. The first YP Clubhouse event was held with very inspirational speakers giving valuable insights to the participants.

Both the HR Work Group and the Finance & Legal Work Group had events, with topics on flexible employment and the income tax law.

In October, we have initiated a new training program. It is a three-session training program covering the topic of emotional intelligence and leadership. The training is in Chinese and suitable for mid-level management.

Make sure to mark Saturday November 13th. in your calendar. In the evening we will be meeting at the Bvlgari Hotel in Shanghai for the annual celebration of “Business Person of the Year”. Please note that the tickets are already on sale since yesterday and they are selling out fast. You can get your ticket here. A lot of efforts have been put into the preparation of this event and it will for sure be a very memorable evening in a very unique and historical location.

Finally, on behalf of the entire board, I would like to welcome the new partner member David Dongyu Cui as well as our new corporate member Flokk Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Wishing you all a great October and see you at the Bvlgari Hotel in November!

Lars Myrup
Board member DCCC East

Upcoming events at DCCC

Click on the event title to sign up!

– 16 October Nordic Day 2021 Special ScreeningsA special screening at the Department for Culture and Education of the German Consulate General in Shanghai. Join us and enjoy films from Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland, and a discussion about Nordic LGBTQ+ community.

– 17 October RMB Internationalization: Will the RMB Become the Global Currency?

Will the Chinese Yuan become the global currency? If so, this would require a systemic shift in China’s management of its capital account. This talk by Rodrigo Zeidan, Associate Professor of Business and Finance and Chief Sustainability Liaison at NYU Shanghai, will explore the costs and benefits of distinct currency arrangements for China and also examine the likelihood that the RMB will float in the next twenty years.

– 26 October Break the Ceiling Touch the Sky Virtual Summit

A one day forum which brings together the world’s best leaders  (across functions and levels) from the most successfully organizations globally to share best practices for leadership, diversity, equity & inclusion and success.

– 28 October Nordic Marketing Day

Nordic Marketing Day 2021 is the first-ever and the biggest get-together for marketing, communications, sales, and creative experts working for Nordic businesses and organizations in China. The event provides the attendees with an opportunity to share the latest marketing trends and news, cases and lessons, tools and methods, as well as provides an access to community networks that everyone can learn from and support each other.

New Member at the DCCC

We would like to warmly welcome the newest members t the Danish Chamber:

Flokk Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Flokk is the market leader in the design, development and production of workplace furniture in Europe. They are the product owner of product brands HÅG, Offecct, Giroflex, RH, Profim, 9to5 Seating, BMA, RBM and Malmstolen. About 1800 employees work together to realize the vision of our company: Inspire great work.

Danes Worldwide

Covid-19 Vaccination for Expat Danes

As of now, expat Danes may purchase covid-19 vaccine shots in Denmark. The Johnson & Johnson vaccine was released for personal use on September 1; only a single shot is required to be fully vaccinated.

Danes Worldwide Secretary General Anne Marie Dalgaard is pleased: “We welcome this opportunity for our members. It helps fight the pandemic as many of our members live in countries where they are not included in local vaccination programs.”

Denmark’s Ministry of Health expects the vaccine to become available for purchase during the month of September.

Additional details are available here (in Danish).

Royal Danish Consulate

Consulate General 

Consul General Jakob Linulf met with Nantong Bureau of Commerce and Nantong Bureau of Transport, Coordinator of Comprehensive Department of Nantong New Airport Construction Headquarter to discuss about a possible cooperation a Nantong Shanghai International airport project with Denmark.

Together with the diplomatic corps Consul General and Dean of the Diplomatic Corps raised 60.000 CNY for two children to have heart surgery at the Consuls General Charity Tennis Tournament.

Consul General Jakob Linulf visited TUS Science Park in Suzhou to participate in the signing ceremony between Odense Robotics and TUS Holding.

Trade Council China, Shanghai

Consul General Jakob Linulf gave an opening speech at the opening ceremony of Tempur’s first flagship store in Shanghai.

Commercial Consul Jesper Halle attended the opening ceremony of the Watermelon Lantern Festival 2021 in Pinghu Zhejiang, where he had the opportunity to discuss local interest with the local government.

Innovation Centre Denmark, Shanghai 

ICDK Shanghai participated in the HICOOL Global Entrepreneurship summit. We invited the Danish EdTech company, “Kubo Robotics” to join our booth to showcase their brilliant educational coding solution designed specifically for kids.

ICDK Shanghai, DI, ITU and DCBF hosted three days of Blockchain Business Bridge Bootcamp learning about commercial and regulatory aspects of working with blockchain applications.

ICDK Shanghai also took part in the Launch of the Nordic Asian Venture Alliance (NAVA). The project is an extension of Innovation Lab Asia project and further connects 200 Nordic start-ups with East Asian Venture Capital.

ICDK Shanghai attended the consultation on building the first China-Denmark Friendly Children’s Care Home in Suzhou. The aim of this project is to build a child-care and friendly facility that can function as a demonstration house for children with disabilities.

With Danish cluster MARLOG, ICDK participated in an online webinar on the topic, “Shanghai: The World-Class Shipping Hub?” that aimed to provide insights on development trends and potential of the maritime industry in Shanghai’s North Bund.

Lastly, ICDK Shanghai also participated in the online summit on the topic of “A Greener Future: Re-Inventing Cities”, which is part of a broader collaboration between ICDK and Bloxhub.

Invest in Denmark 

IDK hosted sino-dk outbound investment forum on clinical trial partnered with SBIA, healthcare Denmark and trial nation, around 35 vip companies were invited for the close-door event and captured the opportunities for collaborations in clinical trial area in September 7th.

In September 23th, 25th-27th, IDK is working as co-hosted country for China Pharmaceutical Innovation and Research Development Association (PhIRDA) will hold 2021 China BioMed Innovation and Investment Conference (2021 CBIIC),we participated in this event by had 5 Danish companies join virtual road-show with top Chinese companies in this area.

Upcoming events

– October 14: One Health: Mitigating Antimicrobe Resistance in humans, livestock, and sustainable food production.

More information here.

– October 29: ICDK Innovation Lounge

More information will appear on Innovation Centre Denmark Shanghai LinkedIn page.


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10/16 Nordic Day 2021 Special Screenings
10/17 RMB Internationalization: Will the RMB Become the Global Currency?
10/26 Break the Ceiling Touch the Sky Virtual Summit
10/28 Nordic Marketing Day
12/09 Interchamber Christmas Mixer


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